Here we are again for the recap of HBO Max’s And Just Like That… This is the second to last episode but it honestly does not feel like it. This episode leaves more to be desired, but we will get to that. For now, let us jump into what happens in No Strings Attached.

And Just Like That… This Episode Came And Went

Charlotte showing Lilly a video of how to put on her tampon on the latest of And Just Like That

First in And Just Like That… In episode 9, we have Carrie who gets a nice surprise from Lisette. She gives Carrie a ring she designs herself, hoping that Carrie wearing it will enhance her sales. Whilst doing so, the discussion of Carrie still wearing her wedding ring comes up. As Carrie is about to put her ring away, she ends up finding Big’s and putting his on instead. This causes her to cancel her redo with Peter. It’s looking like Carrie is not ready to date just yet, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Secondly, we have Miranda. Miranda calls herself Che’s girlfriend during an outing, which draws a weird look from Che. Afterward, we have a very awkward scene where Miranda wants to surprise Che with cookies. They are not super enthusiastic to see Miranda just pop up and Miranda mistakes this as Che cheating. In reality, Che is just in a state of creativity and does not like to be interrupted. The whole scene is an erratic outburst of emotion.

Onto Charlotte, the comic relief of the episode. Charlotte is teaching her daughter Lilly how to use a tampon. It drives her over the edge, and she compares it to having a newborn again. Ironically, this comes about when Charlotte is happy to be in menopause. Or so she thinks. This leads to a funny moment where Charlotte, after yelling at Lilly’s neediness, stains her painting pants. Lilly tries to warn her but Charlotte so fed up refuses to listen.

Moments That Stood Out

Hands down the best moment of the whole episode of And Just Like That are the heart-to-heart between Steve and Carrie. At first, it puts Carrie in a tough spot. Although that all changes when Steve helps Carrie retrieve Big’s ring she drops down a drain. That’s when they talk and Steve admits his wedding is not coming off. It does not matter what happens between them, the ring is staying on his hand because marriage is forever. I’m not crying you are! Steve deserves so much better.

Afterward, Carrie realizes she might lose the ring and puts it away. This leads to her texting Peter asking if he is ready for strike three. Referencing their third time trying to have a proper date. So, we have that to look forward to.

And Just lIke That… I thought

I feel like this episode is just okay. There’s a lot of back and forth that happens but in a good way. Carrie having a minor drawback is refreshing, to be honest. Grief is not supposed to be linear or even pleasant, so to add that to the episode is great. I am also loving Charlotte’s little mishap which is the best ironic comedy thus far in this show.

On the other hand, I dislike Miranda and Che. As bad as this sounds, I wanted Che to be cheating on Miranda. It would give her a taste of her own medicine, but sadly it is a misunderstanding. Nevertheless, I dislike this Miranda. Her behavior and her emotions are so all over the place, it gets annoying. She is acting like a teenager instead of a grown woman. Hearing Steve’s speech makes me dislike her even more. I know they’re just characters in a show but I am always left just wanting to skip any Che and Miranda Parts.

Carrie and Seema trying to get into a nightclub on And Just Like That


While this episode gives us a lot it sadly does not feel like anything is being wrapped up for next week’s finale. This feels like it should be a mid-season episode rather than a second to last one. I am hoping next week’s episode leaves us with some closure. Carrie finds some happiness, single or in a new relationship. Charlotte continues being Charlotte’s. Most of all, I hope Miranda gets her sh…I mean stuff together.
Do not forget to tune in next week for HBO Max’s And Just Like That… series finale. Then, tune back to THS for the weekly recap/review.