The rom-com. This seems to be an abandoned premise by Hollywood. However, the new film Which Brings Me To You does its best John Hughes impersonation of one. The story, based on the novel of the same name, stars Lucy Hale (Truth or Dare) and Nat Wolff (The Fault in Our Stars) as two heavily baggaged people looking for love.


I don’t love the Rom-Com title given to any story about romance. Which Brings Me To You is much more a drama that has comedic moments. Jane and Will (Lucy and Nat) meet at a mutual friend’s wedding. The two tried to hook up in a closet – like you do. However, Will decides he wants to talk. So, the two share their messy relationship histories in the hope that the other won’t run away when hearing their deepest and darkest moments.

Central to the story are the two main characters, Jane and Will, brought to life with remarkable chemistry by the talented actors who portray them. Their characters are not only charming and likable but also deeply relatable. As we journey alongside them, we find ourselves drawn into their respective situations and pasts, each of which resonates with familiarity. Ultimately, Which Brings Me To You’s exploration of the past’s influence on our present leaves an indelible mark, inspiring us to reflect on our own experiences and the role they play in shaping who we are today. 

In the end, the film may be polarizing because it doesn’t have a tie-up with a bow ending. The characters are messy, their connection isn’t perfect. While Which Brings Me To You is somewhat entertaining I didn’t find the film to be memorable or one I would want to come back to.

You can check out Which Brings Me To You now playing only in Theaters!