It’s finally happening: that long-fabled Studio Ghibli theme park is now getting an opening date! Now if only there weren’t certain a COVID-19 mucking things up for everyone in the theme park department.

Studio Ghibli Theme Park: An Opening Date In Sight

Studio Ghibli theme park opening date of 11/1, brought to you by a giant fluffy forest spirit.
With Totoro announcing it to boot.

Studio Ghibli has just announced over Twitter that they’re finally opening their long-awaited theme park. The date? November 1, 2022. At least, according to Ghibli mascot and star of his own anime film: Totoro. I don’t know about you, but I call that a reliable source of info, wouldn’t you agree?

Forbes and Anime News Network both confirm that the Studio Ghibli theme park will open in central Aichi Prefecture, Japan. They don’t mention exactly where though, so I assume that’s information that will arrive later. However, the prefecture itself seems to be pretty excited about this theme park. So excited that the Aichi Tourism Board launched a new website dedicated to the theme park’s opening. The website also features a special promotional video also dedicated for the park’s opening, while also featuring iconic Aichi landmarks and locales. Check it out below:

And yes, that is Satsuki and Mei’s house from My Neighbor Totoro.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any pricing available for the Studio Ghibli theme park either. No price of tickets or anything. Furthermore, some elements of the theme park won’t be open until next year. AFP reports that the first section of the park, based on My Neighbor Totoro, will be the part that’s opening on November 1. Another 2 sections of the park, based on Princess Mononoke and Kiki’s Delivery Service crossed with Howl’s Moving Castle respectively, will open sometime in 2023. Tune in later for more info as this story develops.

Studio Ghibli Theme Park: Production Photos

As a bonus, Studio Ghibli‘s Twitter announcement also comes with photos of the park under construction. Enjoy:

"Whispers of the Heart" antique shop under construction.
The antique shop from Whispers of the Heart, in case you were wondering.
Ghibli's Giant Warehouse under construction.
Okay, not sure where the eye building came from, but it’s apparently Ghibli’s Giant Warehouse.
Broken bits of blue-green pottery.
I can’t believe I thought this was food at first.
More broken bits of pottery, but red this time.
Seriously, what’s the deal with this shattered pottery?
Mr. Suzuki's house under construction. Who knew that the former president of Studio Ghibli would get his own theme park attraction?
Ooh, even Toshio Suzuki gets a part in this Studio Ghibli theme park.

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