After that first explosive issue, Boom! Studios hit us again with a strong story leading up to the first morph in RANGER HISTORY!

Things are Going Crazy in Power Ranger Universe!

While the teens are running for safety with this glowing guy they keep getting cut off at every turn till Whendi the pet space dino gives them a path. However, things didn’t work out for Whendi and this lava seems to be more like a parasite giving whatever it touches an evil rage and looks similar to Dark Specter.

A Powerful Unconcsiense Ally in Power Ranger Universe

Page courtesy of Boom! Studios

With the Morphinaut slipping in and out, the team hunkers down in a school trying to plan their next move. They decide to try to risk getting to the last portal, but the Morphinaut closes it! Stranding them on their home planet.

The Power Ranger Universe Teens head back to the closet place of refuge, their old school. They are attacked (yet again) by a humanoid-type lave creature! But, the Morhpinaut burns away the “lava” to reveal Xev. Then, Rihan has come up with a plan to get them back to their old hideout and the ancient portal. They’re going to siphon off the extra energy and use the Morphin hearts for a different spectrum of grid energy.

The plan works, but not as you would have planned it. Just as they are about to leave a ship comes into view and a mysterious general can be seen on the last panel.

Thoughts from the Ancient Morphin Grid

I think the pacing for this is perfect for this edition of Power Ranger Universe. My only gripe is I wish this six-part series was oversized at 40 pages each issue. While Nicole Andelfinger is doing a masterful job building up to the next issue Simone Raggazzoni’s style blends together with this untold ancient ranger story. I need more!

I may have led everyone on about the first morph, but you have to see it to believe it! Aside from that, this story is right where it needs to be and the cliffhanger till the next issue is ((Chefs kiss)) magnificent.

Covers from the Far Past

All covers come with Virgin Variants. You can find them at your LOCAL COMIC SHOP. There is also a foil variant cover by Songmuang Chuaynukoon too, in regular and virgin variants.

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