Chucky season one ended with a bang, and if you don’t want anything spoiled from that season, go watch it first. However, this review will contain NO SPOILERS from the premiere episode of Chucky season two.

Chucky season two kicks off with a bang and then reigns the series back into a much smaller scope. That might upset some fans that wanted this to be the all-out battle between Jake, Alex, Tiffany, Chucky, and Co. We see the truck full of Chucky dolls go off a cliff and then cut to Halloween in the present day. Jake is in Salem away from Devon, and Lexy is with her current boyfriend after Junior was blamed for the murders in season one. It’s nice to see the cast return and that they’ve all been affected by season one in varying ways. Devon and Jake are still together, but Lexy is verging into wild territory filled with drug use.

This episode doesn’t feature much in the way of killing, but the kills that happen are brutal and earth-shaking for the show. This premiere does not mess around when it comes to Chucky killing people. But really, this is about the young kids and what they’re up to. The big reveal in the latter half of the episode sets up where we’re going for at least the first part of this season. It takes the somewhat large scope of the finale for season one and pares that down a lot.

More Excellent Performances From The Young Actors On Chucky

As was the case with season one, the young performers for Chucky in season two are back and better than before. Zackary Arthur, Bjorgvin Arnarson, and Alyvia Alyn Lind are all grisled at this point from all the crap they’ve had to deal with involving Chucky throughout the series. There’s a vulnerability but still reserved from Arthur’s performance as Jake. But the real star for this episode was Lind’s performance as Lexy. She got plenty to work with and how she balances out-of-control teen, protective big sister, and a daughter to an overbearing mother is really special. Carina Battrick as Caroline Cross is also a performance that gets some shine here, especially the flashback scenes about what unfolded between season one and season two.

The scenes with Chucky calling each of them are terrifying and a nice nod to Scream‘s villain calling. Adding into it that the series is using FaceTime as a plot tool, and you have a series that should still hit with young and old crowds.

Chucky‘s season two premiere will be remembered for the opening and the closing moments, however. It’s a brutal scene that you’ll remember for long after watching it. As for where we’re going? We’ll have to find out with episode two next week. This was a great opening point for Chucky and gets us back into the story at hand with our three young leads and of course, Chucky.

Chucky season two premieres on USA/SyFy Network tonight at 9:00 PM ET/PT.

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