Critical Role‘s The Legend Of Vox Machina series finally releases next Friday on Prime Video. And the wait is worth it! This series is exactly what the fans were expecting and more.

Non-Spoiler Review

Within The Legend Of Vox Machina, there is so much for both new and old fans to watch and experience. From the start, The Legend Of Vox Machina series is something out of a dream. The series has been almost 3 years in the making, and everything and so much more was accomplished within it. Between the character looks, to the locations, to even the enemies, everything in this series is amazing.

Something that they did really well within the series is the lack of an entry barrier for new fans. Even if you’re new to Critical Role, the way the series introduced these characters and the world makes it easy and fun to understand. Something else that was awesome to see is all of the character interactions.

Between the main characters, supporting characters, and villains, there are many interesting character interactions that happen. And even the characters themselves are so complex and have their own issues. Like it says above, this is a non-spoiler review. Otherwise, I’d go into more details.


The Legend Of Vox Machina

With The Legend Of Vox Machina series being very streamlined I wasn’t sure what kind of deep dive it would go into. But, we actually do get some lore reveals for some of the characters, which is amazing! And that was something I totally didn’t expect, but really enjoyed seeing it happen.

The series premieres on January 28th, 2022 on Prime Video. Stay tuned to THS for more reviews!