The final installment of the highly popular Hotel Transylvania franchise is coming to Amazon Prime soon. I for one am excited to review Hotel Transylvania: Transformania!

The Premise

The shoe is on the other foot as Johnny, who’s still trying to fit in with his immortal Father in law, finds a way to make himself a monster. Drac and the Pack inadvertently transform into Humans (all except Blobby).

The problem is that if Johnny doesn’t get changed back, his monstrous instinct will kick in and his sweet, eccentric personality will be gone forever.

Johnny (Andy Samberg) being zapped to turn into a monster by Van Helsing in Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation’s HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA: TRANSFORMANIA.

The Value of Family

Shenanigans ensue as Drac, Johnny, and the pack travel abroad. All while of course trying to hide the fact from Mavis. What’s great is that even after four films, this is still at its heart a story about family. An ever-changing family… you could even say TRANSFORMING.

Drac (Brian Hull) and Monster Johnny (Andy Samberg) in Columbia Pictures’ HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA: TRANSFORMANIA.

Speaking of Family

The cast of the film series has been working together for 10 years now with only a few changes. Brian Hull has taken over the voice of Dracula for Adam Sandler.

During the press junket for the film, you could feel the love and cohesiveness of the cast present. Fran Drescher was the den mother of the group while David Spade was laid back uncle opposite Keegan-Michael Key’s cool fast-talking uncle. Andy Samberg was just as lovable but not as quirky as Johnny.

The cast talked about their tenure playing these characters and how easy it was to get back into their roles. For Selena Gomez, she felt that Mavis has grown as a person just as she had over the past decade. That makes Transformania a great bookend from where the films started.

As the franchise comes to an end, this lovable family film comes to a perfect close with Drac finally learning that it’s Mavis and Johnny’s turn.

I highly recommend you check this out on Amazon Prime Video as soon as humanly possible for a monstrously good time.

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