Blumhouse Productions has made a name for itself over the years having created some of the most well-known horror franchises. Back in 2014, Blumhouse signed their partnership with Universal for a 10-year production deal. Founder, Jason Blum took to his Twitter account over the weekend to give fans some project updates. He even went into details for some other franchises that have been hard to obtain. So, if you are a big horror here’s the latest and what you can expect!

Five Nights At Freddy’s

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Five Night’s at Freddy’s is one of the most popular gaming/horror franchises. The film, however, has been in some development hell. Originally, Chris Columbus (Harry Potter) was supposed to direct but left the project. In 2020, game creator Scott Cawthon shared a script in a Reddit post. Things were looking exciting as they were supposed to shoot in Spring 2021. However, any update on the film has been nada. Blum spoke in a Collider interview and said, “We’re a long way from giving up. And I’m confident eventually I will figure it out.

There is some brighter news about FNAF. Over the weekend as Jason Blum answered some Q&A fan questions about the project. Here’s what he had to say.

And the bad news side part of it…

Now you are maybe asking where is the release date for the movie? Well, unfortunately, Jason Blum didn’t give one and this has not been an easy road for the beloved gaming franchise. Time will only tell if it will be a 2023 release or continue to push. However, if you need your fix, a parody film that’s close to FNAF is the bizarre and unusual horror film, Willy’s Wonderland starring Nicholas Cage. The film came out on February 12th, 2021.

Halloween Ends

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The rebooted Halloween trilogy is now “coming to an end” in Halloween Ends. Although it has been quite challenging for the franchise due to the nature of the pandemic causing delays. Originally, Halloween Kills was set for a 2020 release with Ends in 2021. Writer/Director, David Gordon Green will be back at the stabbing goodness with Jamie Lee Curtis. He mentioned some of the premises for Halloween Ends, in speaking to Empire Magazine:

“It’s kind of a coming-of-age film, and it’s a very different tone. And that’s what excited me about it, is to have the three chapters that I’ve been involved in be very different from each other.”

Director/Writer, David Gordon Green

At this point, October 14th, 2022 is when the final chapter of the reboot trilogy is set to hit theaters. It’s not sure right now if Halloween Ends will stream on Peacock at the same time as being in theaters as Halloween Kills did. However, Jason Blum went into detail and explained down below, and about the Omicron surge.

Plus an update of when production starts shooting.

Now for those who are 4K Blu-Ray/box set collectors out there, he also touched upon that as well.

Happy Death Day 3

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The original Happy Death Day came out in 2017. I will just say it was a very odd and time trippy concept. Two years later. Happy Death Day 2U was released into theaters. Even though profits were decent, it still is considered a box office flop regardless. Just a couple of months ago, Jason Blum shared with Collider that “he had a plan” and is not giving up on the franchise.

He didn’t really have too much to say about the third installment in his Twitter chat. But, this is the latest we have for now.

Nightmare On Elm Street And Friday The 13th

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You’re either Team Jason or Team Freddy. There’s no in-between. These two icons are among the most famous slashers in cinema history. These two icons of horror, however, are “very complicated” with their rights, and are something that Blumhouse wants to add to their collection. Let’s start off with A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) from the visionary director, Wes Craven.

Freddy Krugar is portrayed by no other than Robert Englund throughout numerous films; until reboot in 2010. The reboot, however, didn’t meet critics’ or fans’ expectations. The rights of the character reverted back towards the Craven estate in September 2019, and they have “no plans for any future” Elm Street movies. Despite New Line Cinema talks of another reboot in 2015. Any new information has gone dark since that update back in 2015.

Let’s move on to Jason Voorhees, and what is up to his rights situation. The original Friday the 13th (1980) franchise gave us 9 films with the 10th, Jason X, in 2001. Then big obvious crossover movie, Freddy vs. Jason (2003) showng the slashers battling it out. The film made $116 million globally. There is still a huge fanbase for wanting more Freddy and Jason. In terms of Jason Blum and he explained down below,


Things have been pretty ugly with Jason in a complete legal battle mess between screenwriter Victor Miller and original director/producer Sean S. Cunningham. Despite the lawsuit, the franchise got a reboot in 2009. Miller won the case battle last year, but it remains unclear who owns part of the franchise and can make another film. Jason did get a gaming adaption based on the franchise and went down as another legal mess on top of that. Freddy, on the other hand, made a debut in the recent release of Mortal Kombat 11. Like Jason, Nightmare on Elm on Street has suffered the same fate as to why it’s hard to make a video game. It’s going to be quite a while to figure out the complicated rights.

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