Welcome back, Cadets! Hope you enjoyed your holiday shore leave. Now that the crew is finally together we can start with the storytelling.

Being Captain is Hard

The crew has escaped the clutches of the Diviner. But in doing so and activating the Protostars warp drive have shot themselves from the Delta Quadrant to the Gamma Quadrant, 4000 light year’s away.

While Dal is in the captain’s ready room. He was busy doing “captains work”. Unbeknownst to him the rest of the crew has chatted and agreed that they should seek refugee with The Federation. Dal of course goes into his runaway playbook. While Dal is procrastinating, Murph finds one of the old hallmarks of Trek.

Image courtesy of Paramount / Nickelodeon

The Holo-Deck

Murph stumbles onto the holodeck. Jankom and Dal get a crash course from HJ. While going thru the programs our intrepid captain sees one called Kobiasyhi Maru. Janeway warms him is an advanced Captians level training course from the academy. Dal is flippant as always chooses to test himself.

Activating the program Jakom ask if this will be a team-building thing. dal chooses to use the holodeck to program in some crew and prove his worth.

That crew being all-stars from Star Trek history! Lt. Nyota Uhura, Dr. Beverly Crusher, Constable Odo, and Science Officer Spock. After 70 failed attempts Dal adds an engineer Lt Cmdr Montgomery Scott.

Dal keeps trying and trying over and over. The Holo-Crew starts questioning his judgment. Dr. Crusher implies that he is going mad. Finally, he finds a way to stop the Klingons even throwing out the warp core and beaming onto the enemy ship. Just to have it all blow up in his face. Spock being the ever-observant mentions that he reminds him of another captain he knew.

Finding oneself amongst the Stars

Gwynn is still upset with the fact her Father turned his back on her choosing the ship over her. She is not only depressed but Zero gives her a pep talk saying that she can find a home, on the ship.

Gwynn decides to find out what’s so special about the ship. After asking HJ about the function of the ship, HJ has missing gaps in her memory. Gwynn using her knowledge of the Starfleet system finds that there is a huge section that’s is encrypted. After realizing that it’s her native language she unlocks it.

Inside the massive data package, it’s all fragmented. Rocktuk pushes an icon of Chakotay which starts a holo-program. It’s not at full resolution, and with the short clip, Chakotay is obviously in distress. With another version of HJ stepping up behind him. Causing our current HJ to question where she even came from.

Kate Mulgrew as Janeway, Jason Mantzoukas as Jankom Pog, Angus Imrie as Zero, Ella Purnell as Gwyn, and Rylee Alazraqui as Rok-Tahk Photo: Nickelodeon/Paramount+

Captians Log

Whoa, this episode had so much throwback aside from the famous cameos. We get a CGI version of the classic Enterprise D also having all the Legendary Officers. Using clips from the past actors must have been a massive but enjoyable chore for the sound team.

Showing the date of the flashback with Gwynn’s creation of 43929.9 putting it in line before the TNG era. I’m going to theorize that the Protostars advanced tech might be from the future and somehow they were sent back. Also considering Chakotay has been recommissioned and made a Captain.

The cute sides story about Murph was just there to keep everyone included and it was the best belch I’ve seen in sci-fi ever.

Kudos to whoever decided to bring back THE GAME from the same-named episode of TNG. Deep but hilarious cut!

It was a classy move to add this at the end of the episode too.

Classy Paramount adding this at the end of the episode!

Are you happy that we are getting into a heavier story arc? Will we get more reference FILLED episodes like this in future episodes or was this their one shot?

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