This week’s episode of And Just Like That.. from HBO Max is all about big changes. Each character is changing with only a bit of resistance. Let’s see what we’re getting into on this week’s episode.

Change Is Inevitable

Carrie is moving into a new apartment. Here I was thinking she will always stay in her old apartment. Apparently not, as she has found a nice futuristic apartment near the Hutson River. With a bit of some reservation, Carrie moves in but quickly hates it due to all the technology. There is a persistent beeping keeping her up all night. To top it all off, moving leads to unpacking, and as she unpacks she finds Big’s old records. That causes her to have a mini-breakdown and leave with only a lamp, frying pan, and a hat. Not bad finds at all.

On the other side of things, we have Charlotte. Poor Charlotte is trying hard to be supportive of Rock’s choices. Although, some changes are too overwhelming for her. Like, Rock wanting to paint over a mural that is there since Rock was born. As well as, getting rid of Charlotte’s collection of vintage international dolls. Her daughters inform her that they are now offensive in this day and age. And, Rock wants to cut her hair short! So many changes coming in Charlotte’s way. Oh, also Charlotte finds out about Miranda and Che.

Speaking of Miranda. She constantly remembers her little escapade with Che. She is no longer drinking thankfully but it is being replaced by other…extracurricular activities. By the end of the episode, she’s sliding into Che’s DMs. If it turns into something, no matter how she tries to justify it, it will be an affair. And as I have said before, Steve does not deserve that!

And So I Thought….

This episode, although a lot happens, it drags a little. The characters move forward, well most of them do, but nothing big happens. This episode is mostly about change, each character embracing it. Carrie, although she ends up back at her old apartment, she seemingly moves forward too. I think my favorite part is Seema’s part. Seeing a little more of her character is interesting. Seema makes up a man to keep her parents happily oblivious of her being single. They want her to be wed, but Seema has not found her right match yet. I’m looking forward to seeing if she finds her Mr. Right during this season.

Another part worth appreciating is when Miranda tells Charlotte about her fun with Che. Charlotte and Miranda fight, and as Miranda is leaving, Carrie stops her. Carrie tells Miranda that they can disagree, but they cannot leave. They are not losing another one of their group. She puts into perspective everything for them. I love that so much because a petty argument does not compare to something passing away. You can come back from an argument but not from dying. That is driven home more so when Carrie walks out wearing Big’s jacket. I love that she did that keeping him with her instead of trying to pack him away.

Four More To Go

Things I am looking forward to seeing is Miranda finally admitting to Steve she is unhappy. They both deserve to figure out their relationship or leave. Carrie continues to find herself and deal with her grief. As well as seeing how Charlotte continues to deal with Rock’s transformation. What are you expecting to see in these last 4 episodes? Let me know in the comment down below! Don’t forget to watch And Just Like That… every Thursday on HBO Max. Then come visit That Hashtag Show to get our weekly recap/review.

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