Bruce Dickinson and Iron Maiden have been pretty busy over the last year. We had a new album with Senjutsu, a new leg of the Legacy of the Beast World Tour announced, and a spoken word tour coming to the US. Now, according to an interview with Loudwire, Bruce isn’t stopping there. His last solo release was in 2005 with Tyranny of Souls. Here’s what Bruce had to say about his plans.

When I get to the end of the one-man show thing at the end of March, then the idea is I’ve got about three weeks cooling my heels somewhere. I’ll lie down in a darkened room for a couple of days and recover from the tour and then put my singing head on and go and have a chat with [longtime collaborator] Roy [‘Z’ Ramirez]. ‘Cause we’ve already got a bunch of material, but we need to organize it a little bit. We have demos and everything, but we need to organize it a bit more properly and be a bit more serious about it — maybe write a few more tunes.

Famously, the track “If Eternity Should Fail” from The Book of Souls was originally a Bruce Dickinson solo song. Bruce has said in the past that the track could make it on a solo record in a reworked fashion, but we’ll have to see. If you’re a fan of Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson’s solo material is basically like hearing more Iron Maiden. It’s sometimes a bit different, but particularly the albums he made in the ’90s with Adrian Smith are fantastic.

Bruce might be busy with Iron Maiden, but there’s always room for his solo material. What would you want to hear out of a new solo record?

Go see Bruce on his Spoken Word Tour in 2022; or see Iron Maiden on the second leg of the Legacy of the Beast World Tour later this year!

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Source: Loudwire

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