He was the poster child for the “golden age of Hollywood”. The auteur director, Peter Bogdanovich, of Paper Moon, The Last Picture Show, and What’s Up Doc? died at the age of 82 this morning. His daughter Antonia Bogdanovich confirmed the news, saying he died of natural causes. He was part of the “New Hollywood” generation of directors in the ’60s and ’70s. His film The Last Picture Show catapulted him into the public eye. That film earned eight Oscar nominations and won two.

His life was filled with fame and troubled personal relationships. His relationship with Cybill Shepherd during the production of The Last Picture Show broke up his marriage to Polly Platt. Later in life, his relationship with Dorothy Stratten ended in tragedy, when she was murdered by her ex-husband. The tabloids ate up his marriage to Stratten’s sister, Louise

Bogdanovich was born in New York in 1939, starting out as a film journalist and critic. He quickly became friends with Orson Welles and Howard Hawks among other illustrious directors.

Peter Bogdanovich was a large portion of the last Orson Welles film made The Other Side of the Wind.

He’s survived by his two daughters Alexandra and Antonia, his sister Anna, and three grandchildren.

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