Next year, Dark Horse Comics is releasing 2 new comic trades. One for this current volume of Vox Machina Origins and the other for The Tales Of Exandria. Screen Rant released all of the details surrounding these releases.

Up first is the mainline series, Critical Role Vox Machina Origins.

The last 2 issues for this Critical Role current volume are releasing very soon. Issue #5 will release on February 9th. While Issue #6 releases on March 2nd. This entire volume of comics has been incredible. I cannot wait to see where the end of the volume will go story-wise. If you’re a person who waits for the trade, you won’t have to wait too long. The trade paperback will be released on May 4th, 2022.

There will also be a trade for The Tales Of Exandria- The Bright Queen as well.

Now, this series is so interesting. The Tale of Exandria focuses on one particular NPC (non-playable character) from Critical Role’s world. The first volume follows one of the many interesting characters from the last campaign, The Bright Queen. This series is a 4 issue mini-series. So, it doesn’t talk about anything leading up to the events of the Mighty Nein meeting the Bright Queen.

Instead, it seems to take place way before anything in Campaign 2 ever happened. Which, to me, is what makes it’s awesome! Now this will be released on June 15th. Before the trade gets released, Issue #3 releases on January 12th, and Issue #4 releases on February 9th, alongside Issue #5 of Vox Machina Origins.

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