Issue 2 of Vol. 3 of Critical Role’s Vox Machina Origins has released. Issue 1 left off on a cliffhanger, and this next issue is an all-fight club issue.

Critical Role

And this all-fight club issue is pretty amazing. Now, within the issue, Vox Machina end up in three fights. But let’s break down all of these fights.


So fight 1 has the gang up against Goreshon’s Fist. Now this 1st fight is interesting because we see everyone teaming up and working together. Vex and Vax end up helping each other out and take out 2 opponents just by working together.

We then see in a cool montage Percy take out another opponent, Grog take someone out. Keyleth takes someone out. And then at the end of the fight, Scanlan does what he does best, and uses Call Lighting to end the first fight, and also gives Vox Machina the first win of the night.

After the fight, the group reconvenes, takes a little break, and watches the next fight now this fight is interesting, because the team that wins Vox Machina takes on in the final fight. After that fight, the group has their 2nd fight.

Now this fight is interesting, because it’s a group of magic users. After some creative thinking, the group ends up finding a way to defeat them and get their 2nd win of the night. After a quick break, and some smack talk with the winning team from the second fight, the group’s final match commences.

So this match starts off And both teams are evenly matched. In the middle of the fight, both Vax and Keyleth went down by way of a poison dart. Luckily, Vex is able to spot the person in question in the crowd, and takes her out fast and quick. The group wins, heads off to reconvene, and to also get Vax and Keyleth healed. And the issue ends with them heading to celebrate Winter’s Crest.

Final Thoughts

This issue really does show why this comic series is really loved. It has everything you would expect and even more in it. The next issue is set to release on June 16th, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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