Those of you Strike Witches fans who are paying attention to Luminous Witches news: rejoice! For they finally now have replacement voice actresses for Miu Kotosaka and Kyō Tachibana. You may have recognized them as Sylvie and Joanna respectively from the TV spots and trailer.

Luminous Witches Finally Get Their Reinforcements

Luminous Witches key art.
The witches in question are the 2 in the bottom right corner.

Anime News Network and the official website of the Luminous Witches announced that they now have new voice actresses for Sylvie Cariello and Joanna “Jo” Elizabeth Stafford. The previous voice actresses, Miu Kotosaka and Kyō Tachibana respectively, had left the roles earlier this year for various reasons. Both of them due to health issues (unrelated to COVID-19, by the way…maybe). Now though, those empty roles are now not empty. Please welcome Rino Yoshitaka as the new Sylvie:

The yellow burns brightly.

And Rio Mamesaki as the new Joanna:

Such a relaxing flower print shirt.

We haven’t heard their voices as the new members of the Luminous Witches as of yet. I suspect it might be soon though. We’ll have to hear them once the anime actually debuts at long last.

Luminous Witches: Details

Still all we’re getting for now, until next year.

Some of you…well actually, probably most, if not all, of you might be wondering what I’m going on about? To give everyone some background info: Luminous Witches is the latest anime series of the Strike Witches media mix created by Fumikane Shimada. I would describe the Strike Witches series as a military science fantasy involving young girls and women fighting aliens called “Neuroi” invading their world. There’s also a very significant amount of yuri in the media, so if you’re a yuri fan, this might be a series worth checking out for you.

The Luminous Witches anime (animated by SHAFT) though is not actually about combat for once. The members of that unit are somewhere between musicians, singers, and air show stunt fliers piloting their magitech flying vehicles called “strikers” in-series for public entertainment. I speculate that there are going to be quite a few references to WWII military performers like the United Service Organizations in the anime proper, based on all of the WWII military references in the previous anime series. This is just speculation until we actually see the anime though, which should be coming out sometime in 2022. We’ll have to see if they give us a more exact release date later.

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