With most of the Rangers making a tactical retreat, this issue takes a step back from all the action to give us some great character development!

Lost in Yourself

Pages courtesy of Boom Studios!

With Zordon’s tube shattered, BIlly had a contingency plan to get him back. But HOW did the Blue Emissary come back from the dead to assist? Because comics of course lol! It actually took the strength of two blue rangers. Yale helped Billy connect to the remains of the Blue Emissary, much like Trini did before. It’s nice to see them back in some capacity. As Zordon falls deeper and deeper into himself. Billy knows right where to find him. Zordon went back to an early childhood memory. Luckily Billy was able to bring him back with a touching pep talk. But Zordon has no idea how he can help, Billy has a plan for that.

What’s the Plan?!

Pages courtesy of Boom Studios

Kimberly and Jason have a very heavy conversation over what to do next, even suggesting sending in Goldar and the rest of Zedd’s crew for “payback.” Jason stands his ground and plays leader again. Even if they are now on separate teams, but Kimberly has grown and stood up for herself putting Jason in his self-righteous place.

At the same time back on Earth, Zack, Tommy, Aisha, and Matt are laying low as Zartus’ team searches for them. Matt still wants to save grace and morph but Tommy strongly advises not to morph and draw attention. Instead they are going to have to hold back for the right time. Zack has a chat with his old friend telling Tommy that he “won” that he doesn’t have to fight for Kimberly anymore with Matt.

Building our Ranks

Goldar, Finster, Squat, and Baboo have had an escort around the entire time on Safehaven. Adam and Rocky diligently keep an eye on their former foes. Rocky goes on to ask Goldar why he never “finishes” a battle. It seems to come to a matter of who would get the credit. 

Baboo too has a moment with his fellow monsters and says that this is the first time they have ever had the chance to decide for themselves. No more Rita and Zedd to bark orders. 

Goldar and the rest decide to parlay with the Rangers and offer their help in taking down Zartus and his fleet. Not for payback, but to make a name for THEMSELVES! 

A mysterious voice asks if they can help. It’s Zordon, in his new suit that you see on the cover. FULL-PAGE PANEL TOO!

Thoughts from THE GRID

Like I said at the beginning this is a nice break from the constant action. The pacing of this issue really balances out all the characters on the page. We finally get a pay off from all those stories that Zordon was telling Billy back at the command center. It’s also nice to know that the teams are mixed up right now. That should be a fun Morphing sequence panel in the future.

I had a feeling we were going to get the olde “The Enemy of My Enemy” trope. But to spin it with the idea that this is for their own glory, a brilliant idea!

Finding out the Blue Emissary was still around in some capacity was a nice surprise too. Cheers to Marco Renna and the rest of the artists. Having to keep EVERY panel with the Emissary different is no small task!

I’m hoping we get another issue like this in Power Rangers #14 to keep this flow going and dive back in on issues #15 from both series.

So Many Covers!


Boom also released today Mighty Morphin Vol #3, a must-have if you are a collector of soft covers. It’s so worth it just for the Cover Art Gallery.

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