Is anyone curious about how Star Wars: Hunters will play like when it finally comes out? Well, wonder no longer, for Zynga have finally released a gameplay trailer. Check it out below:

Star Wars: Hunters ~ Gameplay Trailer

What? We’re totally not ripping off Overwatch. We swear!

The gameplay trailer Zynga posted on YouTube basically shows off a Star Wars version of Overwatch. Star Wars: Hunters appears to be a third-person multiplayer shooter/slasher game highly reminiscent of the aforementioned classic arena game. Zynga gives us more details about the game in their official synopsis. Check it out below:

Join the greatest Hunters from the Star Wars™ galaxy on the planet of Vespaara where Hunters from across the galaxy compete in The Arena. Engage in thrilling third person combat to dominate grand arenas set in a range of maps that evoke iconic Star Wars worlds. Mix and match teams, use skill, tactics and customize your character to find a winning strategy and reap the spoils of victory in this all-new free-to-play game.”

Star Wars: The Overwatch Copycats?

Star Wars: Hunters gameplay trailer screenshot.
I smell a hint of Overwatch heroes here.

While there are more than a few similarities between Star Wars: Hunters and Overwatch, there do appear to be some differences. Aside from the whole Star Wars branding, that is. The 4v4 team format differs 6v6 format of Overwatch. It’s probably due to reduced server size, although that can be easily fixed if Hunters gets popular enough and starts raking in the money. The graphics also look slightly less impressive than Overwatch, but it’s only a slight difference, fortunately enough. It’s still pretty impressive for what’s ostensibly only a mobile game.

Overwatch screenshot.
Everything looks roughly the same when you’re running past it anyways.

Ultimately though, we won’t get a better look at how Star Wars: Hunters plays until the game itself actually launches. That will be sometime next year in 2022 for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. Keep an eye out for it then.

Source: Zynga Star Wars YouTube