It’s been a strange time for Call of Duty fans. Normally at this point in the year, we’d know what was going on with the upcoming game. As of right now, Call of Duty 2020, has little to no details about it. According to TheXclusiveAce, a reputable Call of Duty Youtuber and his source from the development team, we have tons of new information about the game. The video that he posted, has since been taken down by Youtube. Obviously, until this is confirmed from Treyarch or Activision, you have to take this all with some skepticism. His source seems legit though.

Call Of Duty 2020 Is Black Ops

Being made by Treyarch, you’d have to be a little naive to assume that it wouldn’t be a Black Ops series game. That’s their bread and butter, and up until the release of Modern Warfare, Black Ops 4 was the most successful game in the series. That means that the idea of this being another Black Ops game, isn’t a surprise. The release date for the game is also not a surprise. Most Call of Duty games release in the Quarter Four territory, and this one is no different.

Following this, the video also says that almost all of the assets in the game are finished or basically finished. This means that they just need more textures or audio clips added to them. That is a massive relief to me, because with little to no news about the game up to this point, it was a mystery.

As for the various modes in the game, those were also mentioned. We’ll be getting Zombies, Multiplayer Zombies, Multiplayer, Campaign, and finally, Warzone will make a return. With the return of Warzone, means another Warzone map. If you liked this mode in Modern Warfare, you should be happy about that news.

Gameplay Mechanics of Call of Duty 2020

Modern Warfare did a lot to change the basic gameplay of Call of Duty. You had the mini-map taken away, but they added a compass to the top of the screen. Those are both back in this game. Of course, with it still being in development, these things could all change. There aren’t any mounting or leaning mechanics anymore. The sliding from Black Ops 4 is back, and the diving mechanic from MW is gone.

Now for something that I personally hated about Black Ops 4. Swimming is back. All of the worst maps in Black Ops 4 had to do with swimming. Icebreaker and Jungle Flooded were two of the worst maps in the game for multiplayer because of this. Hopefully Treyarch learned their lesson from those atrocities though. In addition to swimming, you now have an unlimited sprint that isn’t like the tactical sprint from previous games.

The biggest change to multiplayer is that specialists will not be making a return. These characters and gameplay elements were sort of a blight on the Black Ops experience. They were designed to make the gameplay feel different and more like Overwatch, but instead they just led to cheap gameplay and deaths. Instead of them, you’ll be getting field upgrades now.

The final changes that the leak mentions is that the health and time to kill should be different from Modern Warfare. Instead of 100 health, you now have 150 health that regenerates automatically.

What About The Guns?

The leak sadly didn’t mention a lot about the guns of the game. Because the channel didn’t want to risk getting banned for showing leaked images or video, we were left with their account of the leaks they saw. He states that he only saw two primary guns used. An interesting tidbit is that shotguns will be secondaries in the upcoming game.

The Gunsmith was a hugely interesting wrinkle to Modern Warfare. That way to customize your guns and classes won’t be returning, and instead it’ll be a hybrid between the “Pick 10” and “Create-A-Class”.

What Does This All Mean For Call of Duty 2020?

Modern Warfare was a hugely exciting game for me when it first came out. It quickly devolved into Infinity Ward choosing to not fix issues with the game, and it suffered because of that. Warzone was a band-aid to cover up the massive issues that the game had. I was horrified by the lack of information on the next Call of Duty game, but this has assuaged some of those concerns. These obviously all could change by the time the game comes out, but it spells out a pretty good start for a game.

Black Ops 4 was the Call of Duty game that I spent the most time with, so I have more of a connection to Treyarch than Infinity Ward at this point. So hopefully we get to see some actual gameplay and videos from the game soon. Leaks are fun, but hard facts and video straight from the source are even better.

We’ll keep you updated on this story as it develops more.

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Source: TheXclusiveAce