Here are some of the new shows we are excited to watch in July! Their is something for every mood. Comedy, Action, Sci-fi, Drama ect… Pop some fireworks, BBQ on that grill and watch some of the great shows on the list.

Warrior Nun

Netflix’s new graphic novel adaptation releasing on July 2nd. Is a fantasy/Drama about a group of younger woman awaking in a morgue. To find that they have powers and are in a fight with good vs evil. With the comics being jam packed with action you can count on it having a lot of it in its adaptation.

Tough as Nails

The shows premises from CBS is a reality competitive show. Its competitors being from all different types of work fields of the hard working class. To examine there strength, mental strength, endurance and agility in challenges. Leaving one by one till there is a winner the show will be airing July 8th.

Close Enough


A comedic animated tv series coming to the newly released “HBO Max” airing July 9th. This amazingly casted show about a couple making their way through out life. Going from there 20’s to their 30’s staring: Jason Mantzoukas, Gabrielle Walsh , Kimiko Glenn, Danielle Brooks, Jessica DiCicco and James Adomian. Will surely be comedy gold and a must watch.

Brave New World (2020 TV series


“Brave New World” originally a novel written by Aldous Huxley. A utopian society will not allow any privacy, money, family or history in its dystopian future world to have peace and longevity. This sifi series is set to start streaming on NBCUniversal’s streaming platform Peacock.

Cursed (2020 TV series)


First a comic book series netfilix’s “Cursed” written by Frank Miller. Is a twist on “King Author” a young sorceress comes across a young Author looking for a mighty ancient sword.

JU-ON: Origins

A Japanese horror series streaming on netflix from the critically acclaimed movies “The Grudge”. This tv series will go more in depth about the origins of the spirit that haunts the house.

For more on all these shows and any other general pop culture, make sure to check back to That Hashtag Show.