A new immersive Dungeons & Dragons experience is opening in Wisconsin in March 2024.

Called The Griffin & Gargoyle Project, this new tavern is going to be an immersive experience for Dungeons & Dragons fans of all ages. The tavern will open in Lake Geneva, which is where Dungeons & Dragons were created in 1974. Now this project was created by Daniel Colwell, who is both the creator and CEO of the project, and his business partner Michael Paylor.

Colwell speaks to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

That element of collaborative storytelling that you get around a gaming table, you can’t really replicate that anywhere else. There’s empathy building involved, exploring elements of your personality that you don’t get to in your day-to-day life, and there’s a whole new generation of kids that are just entering into the game now and finding it freeing.


What To Expect At The Dungeons & Dragons Tavern

So the new tavern will have a lot of elements to it. The main one is, of course, the tavern.

The Griffin & Gargoyle’s website describes the Dungeons & Dragons Tavern as:

The Griffin & Gargoyle Tavern is a sanctuary for adventurers. A safe haven celebrating the virtues of the adventuring life. In this immersive fantasy restaurant, wooden tables and extensive otherworldly décor beckon adventurers to sit a while and watch a magical world flourish around them. A unique and extensive menu will invite indulgence, while a cast of fantasy characters and tavernkeepers draw you, the customer, into a role-playing experience unlike anything they’ve experienced before.

But within this 32,000-38,000 square foot building will be an immersive fantasy adventure for everyone. Something else that will be included will be Curated Curiosities.

Dungeons & Dragons

Curated Curiosities is described as:

Curated Curiosities is the wizard’s antiquity shop attached to the main floor of the Griffin & Gargoyle Tavern. Inside this retail space you can explore an ever-changing variety of items for the adventurer in need. From clothing to set yourself up as an adventurer of distinguished taste, hand made artifacts, and one of a kind accessories, our customers are sure to find the perfect gift. Curated curiosities will be partnering with Etsy artisans to showcase heirloom quality relics created by the finest craftspeople across the planes.

Also located inside the tavern will be the steampunk-themed bar, The Gnome Alchemist.

Dungeons & Dragons
Dungeons & Dragons

The Gnome’s Alchemist will be:

Up a narrow staircase lies the hidden gem The Gnome Alchemist. As you make your way past countless inventions, machines, and gizmos, you find yourself in the conservatory. A rainbow of colored concoctions, some bubbling and smoking are set in front of a laughing party of adventurers. As you make your way to the bar, the alchemist himself greets you and offers you a wide array of unique molecular gastronomy-inspired concoctions featuring everything from dry-ice infused beverages to unique ingredients, sure to provide you a drinking experience like no other. You never know what will happen as you enjoy this unique space and magical interactions between our colorful cast of characters and our patrons. Sit back and lose yourself in the enchanting environment.

Included in the space will be a more traditional role-playing game shop called The Library. The shop will sell items like dice and game manuals. there will also be 6 private gaming spaces for TTRPG beginners to get to play a game with professional Dungeon Masters over a meal. Also in the basement will be The Barbarian In The Basement, which will be 12 ax-throwing lanes.

Dungeons & Dragons

Outside of the building will be a separate event and wedding venue. Now, this is going to be a very awesome immersive fantasy experience once it opens in March 2024. Also, it will be interesting to see how fans react to this experience.

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