With the 25th Anniversary of Power Rangers coming up later this month, the anniversary episode is hopefully going to really amazing and thanks to IGN, we have a first look at 3 of the Rangers returning for the episode, and the premiere date as well.

As noted in the image above, Kat, Wes, and Tommy are returning for the episode but what’s interesting about this is, they have Kat morphing as the Pink Turbo Ranger and Tommy morphing as the MMPR Green Ranger. You would think Kat would morph as the Pink Zeo Ranger and Tommy as the Black Dino Thunder Ranger. We revealed a list of all the returning Rangers for the anniversary and this picture confirms 3 of them.

As for when the Anniversary episode is premiering, it’s to air at 8PM on August 28th, which is the date that Day Of The Dumpster premiered in 1993 on the Fox Kids Network. And the rest of Super Ninja Steel is going to be airing starting on August 25th.