Netflix’s third installment of The Princess Switch is here with Romancing the Star. Also known as, the redemption love story of Fiona Pembroke.

The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star (L-R). Vanessa Hudgens as Princess Stacy, Vanessa Hudgens as Fiona, Vanessa Hudgens as Queen Margaret in The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star. Cr. Mark Mainz/NETFLIX © 2021


I’m a sucker for a cutesy, predictable, Holiday movie. You’ll find me every Christmas Season sitting on my couch rewatching old and falling in love with new movies on Hallmark every year. So, when Netflix got into the game I was all in. 

The Princess Switch stars Vanessa Hudgens as Stacy. A young, talented baker who runs a successful pastry shop in Chicago with her lifelong friend, Kevin (Nick Sagar). Stacy entered and won a spot in a prestigious baking competition in Belgravia! Once there, Stacy bumped into Lady Margaret (Hudgens) who looks just like her! Margaret suggests they switch places for two days and Stacy reluctantly agrees. And here is where we get the princess switch! Lots of baking and royal hijinks ensue. And in the end, Stacy is in love with Prince Edward (Sam Palladio). Kevin is in love with Margaret. And things almost have a completely happy ending.

The Princess Switch 2: Switch Again, Kevin and Margaret are NOT together due to the stress of ruling a country. Stacy and Edward are getting married. On top of that, Margaret’s cousin, Fiona, steals Margaret’s identity in order to become Queen. More Holiday hijinks ensue. Fiona is caught and sent to a nunnery. Kevin and Margaret get their happy ending! After all of that, what could possibly happen in a 3rd installment?


Princess Stacy and Queen Margaret reunite to host a traditional Christmas festival in Montenero. The Vatican loans Queen Margaret their most priceless treasure, the Star of Peace, for their decorations. However, the star is stolen!! GASP! Of course, there’s only one way to catch a scoundrel. With another scoundrel. Stacy and Margaret turn to Fiona for help in order to figure out who has the star and retrieve it. 

While we get all the typical silliness and switcharoos of the previous The Princess Switch movies, this one is 100% the Fiona Pembroke story. So, love her or hate it, it’s all about her. It’s fun to see Hutchins navigate all 3 characters at once or when one is playing another. We get more backstory about Fiona. As well as a love story all her own. Fiona’s Ex, Peter (Remy Hii) is charismatic, handsome, and just what she needs.

While I’m all about a villain redemption story, I do miss seeing the original couples I fell in love with originally in these films. I wish the story was a little more balanced vs. pure Fiona, but it is what it is. I still found the story enjoyable, even if it’s not my favorite. 

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