Thanks to the COVID-19 Pandemic it seems like there is a shortage of everything these days. From food to cars it feels like these shortages are never going to end. Well now you can add another thing to the shortage list and that is paper. Because of this the highly anticipated Gunslinger Spawn #1 is now delayed. Gunslinger Spawn was supposed to release today but has been pushed back to October 27. Todd McFarlane took to Twitter last night to reveal the news to fans.

Gunslinger Spawn #1 Delayed

“Everyone, Todd McFarlane here bringing you up to date news. Unfortunately, it’s not what you’re going to want to hear. Gunslinger #1 was supposed to ship for tomorrow, Wednesday, October the 20th. But, in the world of the pandemic, there’s now what appears to be a paper shortage,” he would go on to say, “They were able to print all these comic books except for one or two of the covers. So, they shipped the majority of these to Diamond except for one or two of the covers. So now, some of the stores are saying, ‘We sell them in sets. We don’t want to sell them in a partial set and have to wait for it.’ So, Diamond said they would ship what they have and then it became a whole problem.”

You can check out the whole announcement in the Twitter post above.

Gunslinger Spawn #1

Gunslinger Spawn

Introducing the launch of the second new monthly title spinning out of the SPAWN UNIVERSE, with one of the most popular characters in the entire SPAWN mythology! This book contains three separate GUNSLINGER stories, each taking a look at his journey through time—from the wild, wild west to the 21st century. Will his 200-year-old past come back to haunt him as he navigates the strange world of 2021? Get ready for the past and present to collide in this new ongoing title!

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