Nightwing #58 is an interesting issue as it seems every character in this issue is trying to figure out who they are and what their worth is. Some are looking to their daddy issues. Others are just trying to figure out what they truly want, but no matter the past, they are all searching for their futures.

The Cover

For the first time in awhile, we have only one cover, but it’s a good one. We are shown the entire Nightwing Force. The difference is they are all sporting Joker smiles, a good representation of what this issue is.

This issue essentially follows three characters – Ric, Zac and Joker’s daughter. Each is facing issues that are identity crisis based.

Pressures Of The Past

Zac is trying to figure out if his path is his, or if it’s because of his family history. His father seems to sense the latter and pities Zac’s choice to enter law enforcement. Even then the Nightwing gig seems too far of a stretch. Why is he doing it? He feels forced into the Nightwing role, but as the fight unfolds Zac is actually the one to disarm the explosive vest.

Next Generation of Smiles

Then you have the Joker’s daughter. JD claims she is the champion of the poor and homeless forgotten, but as the issue progresses, we find the truth. instead, she has daddy issues that quickly boil to the surface. She desperately wants to be noticed by her father and win his approval.

JD in the end is thwarted pretty easily, yet shows potential because like the Joker, she has plans layered with plans. When her bombs are disarmed, the room fills with smoke. Nothing poison, just enough of a distraction to let her escape. She definitely has traces of her father in her.

Ric’s Ghosts

Then, finally, there’s Ric. He seems to be at peace with where things are. He can just be “Cabbie Ric” and concentrate on his job and girlfriend, while helping Team Nightwing as needed. When tagged into the game by the detective, he acts quickly and without hesitation as Nightwing would. He takes down JD as those of Team Nightwing defuse the bombs and save the people.

No. Ric’s issues have nothing to do with Nightwing or being apart of Team Nightwing. Ric’s issues resurface when a certain red head gets in his cab – Barbara Gordon. Old feelings often die hard, especially when they never truly ended. Sparks are still flying between the two. With the next issue entitled “Old Flames” you can bet there will be some issues between Babs, Bea and Ric.