The Black Friday may be over but now we have our Cyber Monday fun, and who knows more about fun than Today is having a Cyber Monday sale that any pop culture will want to check out. from 10% to even 90%, there are plenty of savings that will fill up your cart fast. On top of the low prices, you will also see special Cyber Monday deals throughout the day. Just check out the green banner at the top of the page. Here is a look at some of my favorite Cyber Monday deals.


SDCC 2022 Marvel Comics Throg D-Stage Figure (Was $49.99 now $29.99)

Part frog, part hero—all Throg. He has a unique backstory. That is saying something in a universe where animals regularly can talk, and aliens attack every other week. Throg used to be a human turned frog, but after some daring adventures protecting the Frog King in the war against the rats (yes, we are serious), he met the hero of his namesake, Thor. Thor was a frog, yada-yada, the frog became Throg, wielder of Frogjolnir, and he was off to the intergalactic pond.

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Some serpent shenanigans involve Throg, but the reptile is the other species we want to focus on. Specifically, an alligator with gold horns and a penchant for biting people. He is an alligator, so God of Mischief variant or not, it makes sense. If you are a fan of either cosmic creature and are looking for officially licensed Marvel statutes to add to your collection, check out this SDCC 2022 Marvel Comics Throg D-Stage Figure. 

Boba Fett Unisex High-Top Shoes (Was $49.99 Now $34.99)

It’s easy to assume that when you’re flying through the air thanks to your custom-made jetpack that bounty hunting is easy on the feet. Turns out that isn’t always true. Each planet offers up its own unique challenges and even the greatest hunter in the galaxy can find that chasing down his quarry can cause some curious issues. Did you know that there are blisters so bad on Tatooine that they have entirely unique names for them!? Fortunately, Mandalorian style meets sleek comfort when those engineers get serious. That’s how Boba Fett earned the sleek sneaks!

Boba Fett Cyber Monday Sales

Show off your Star Wars fandom while you’re running around the universe in these officially licensed Boba Fett Unisex High-Top Shoes. The rubber-soled shoes feature the classic off-green tint of Fett’s armor and red highlights along laced edges. Stripes, patches, and print designs give you a soldier’s edge, so while you might not be soaring around the skies, you’ll at least look as cool as everyone’s favorite bounty hunter!

Miss Minutes Loki Tapestry Throw Blanket (Was $49.99 Now $14.99)

Do you ever want to go back in time and change a few things? Well, that’s why the TVA exists! They are here to make sure nobody messes with the timeline. Everything happens for a reason and the TVA will make sure it all happens. Hang this Miss Minutes Loki Tapestry Throw in your home as a reminder as to why you should never attempt to change the past. You don’t want the TVA after you! Those guys mean business.

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Be sure to grab all of the collectibles we have from the Disney Plus series, Loki. They may serve as a good reminder to not mess with the timeline. They may also inspire you to be like the god of mischief. However, maybe that is just meant to be! You’ll only know once the TVA comes a-knocking.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Adult Sweater (Was $59.99 Now $44.99)

When it comes to Christmas cheer, there are many different classic movie characters that might inspire you. Perhaps you’re a fan of green, and cold mountainous areas might get you going. Maybe you’re all about gleaming red, and the idea of looking at the neighborhood from high above it all as though you were flying!

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Of course, if you don’t want to limit yourself to Grinchy green or Rudolph red, why not get both at once and go with Griswald Greatness! You can do that easily when you pick up this officially licensed National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Sweater! Made of warm acrylic and featuring rib-knit cuffs, you’ll have warmth and comfort with ease. Best yet, the wild design will bring all the fun of the classic Christmas movie wherever you go!

Star Wars Furry Wampa Rug (Was $69.99 Now $49.99)

Listen, we get it. Wampas aren’t exactly the most friendly critters on Hoth. You’ve seen Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back, right? They’re known for attacking anyone who wanders too close to their den. They’ll steal your Tauntaun and leave you stranded in a frozen tundra. Then, they’ll freeze you to the ceiling and eat your Tauntaun for breakfast… and then plan to eat you for dinner! All that being said, it’s totally not cool to hunt a Wampa for its fur. Even those angry creatures have a right to be left alone and besides, you can get a great Star Wars trophy without hunting a Wampa!

This Wampa Rug is designed for those who want that Wampa-style, but still have no desire to hunt the angry beasts from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back! The rug recreates the look of the snow-colored fur from the movie and can be used to spruce up any home or office. Of course, it also makes sure that we leave those Wampas alone!



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