(Warning! A major spoiler for Venom: Let There Be Carnage follows.)

Especially going by Let There Be Carnage’s domestic box-office totals, where the film passed $100 million in five days, tying for the fastest to that mark during COVID-19, many folks at this point have seen the mid-credits scene of Let There Be Carnage.

You know, the one that seems clear will significantly change the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The one where Venom/Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) see Spider-Man’s alter-ego identity of Peter Parker (Tom Holland) get revealed.

Venom/Eddie Brock sees J. Jonah Jameson reveal Peter Parker as Spider-Man in a mid-credits scene for Venom: Let There Be Carnage. (photo credit: Marvel Studios)

The Indicators That Let There Be Carnage Couldn’t Be Delayed Much Longer

Venom/Brock seeing Parker get revealed made it clear that Venom may go after Parker. That’s after Venom says “That guy” and licks the television screen where he watched Parker get revealed.

Then, Giant Freakin Robot reported that Venom/Brock will be in the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home film where Parker/Spider-Man is the protagonist.

Then, the official No Way Home account tweeted “So … anyone see any good movies lately?” right after the weekend when Let There Be Carnage premiered:

Last, but certainly not least, Hardy has been spotted wearing a Spider-Man: No Way Home production hat.

Critical Timing

The movie is scheduled to hit theaters Dec. 17. Let There Be Carnage finally released Sept. 30 after being delayed four times (and once, moved up two weeks) for a year’s further wait.

If Venom/Brock are going to be in No Way Home, then Sony Pictures Releasing couldn’t have waited much longer to delay Let There Be Carnage.

Will Eddie Brock be in Spider-Man: No Way Home? (credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment)

Of course, COVID-19 has forced push-backs, but at least when they had to story-wise, Sony released the film.

It wouldn’t have made sense for Venom/Brock to be in No Way Home, only for Parker/Spider-Man to have been revealed to be in the same universe as Venom/Brock after that.

What do you think? Is Venom/Brock going to be in No Way Home? If so, was that a reason why Let There Be Carnage wasn’t delayed any more? Comment below!