There are worlds beyond the one we know, full of things we can’t explain. And you’ll get the chance to explore them this October on Disney+.

Are you ready to see what’s lurking Just Beyond? Check out the trailer for the anthology series below.

This eight-episode series draws on the world of R.L. Stine to tell thought-provoking – and spooky – stories from a reality just beyond the one we know. Each episode will introduce viewers to a new cast of characters and a new paranormal journey. The trailer looks like it will perfectly fit the bill for a Halloween season binge.

Just Beyond adapts the Boom! Studios graphic novels of the same name by Stine. Seth Grahame-Smith serves as writer and showrunner.

It’s been a great few years to be an R.L. Stine fan, with many of the author’s most beloved properties making their way to the screen. Besides the Goosebumps features, Netflix recently dropped the Fear Street trilogy. (When it comes to scare factor, it looks like Just Beyond will sit somewhere in between those two franchises.)Just Beyond debuts all eight episodes Wednesday, October 13 on Disney+.

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Source: Disney+