Critical Role has their highly anticipated Campaign 3 coming soon. We have the first details about it for you.

Up first, the starting location for this new adventuring party. The new campaign is starting in Marquet, which has been explored previously in the first Campaign. This area of Exandria is one that fans have been wanting to see more of, so OG fans will be excited about this. And newer fans will get to see a colorful and fun location as well.

As for when it’s premiering, it’s actually coming sooner than everyone has though. So for a few weeks, fans have been assuming this new campaign would be premiering in January just like how Campaign 2 did back in 2018. Well, it is actually premiering on October 21st. This campaign will also fall in line with the events from both Campaign 2 and Exandria Unlimited.

Guess players-wise, we are expecting to get a lot of former guests players from last campaign and Campaign 1. We’re also expected to see fresh faces throughout the new campaign.

Movie theater chain Cinemark is getting in on the action. They will be simulcasting the premiere episode in 20 different cities across the USA. As for where the show will air, every Thursday at 7PM PST, the episode will live on CR‘s Twitch and YouTube channels, with Twitch Subscribers getting immediate VOD access after the episode airs. Then every Monday on YouTube, the episode will drop, and the podcast version will go live the following Thursday.

If you want to hear more about this, you can watch the full State Of The Role video below:

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