In the new series Mayor of Kingstown, the business of incarceration is the only thriving industry.

But should you vote for this new mayor? Let’s find out.  

What’s Mayor of Kingstown about?  

Kingstown, Michigan is unofficially run by the McLusky family. As we’ve learned from The Sopranos and Vin Diesel, you never mess with family. The McLusky Family will show you it’s life or death to keep everything in Kingstown balanced.  

The Short! 

The first episode of a new show must at least entice the audience to come back. Episode one of Mayor of Kingstown has me locked into the show. I vote yes to this mayor.  

The Long! 

A good first episode is so hard to do. Looking at some of my favorite shows, they were lucky I was tempted to come back for more. The first episode of Mayor of Kingstown will have you intrigued right away by the characters and exploring the balance of power. With so many crime shows out there, this show sets itself apart. To me the show felt like a good fit for fans of Ben Affleck’s film The Town or the show True Detective. Jeremy Renner leads this crime drama that will have many dark twists and turns, as nothing will come easy for the McLusky family. The first episode needed to go big, and it has one big jaw dropping moment and an ending that will have you struggling to wait for the next episode. Vote yes to supporting this mayor for a full season.  

The Mayor of Where?  

Setting the show in Kingstown, Michigan instead of some of the other usual crime thriller cities, is a big creative plus for the show. The smaller scale of Kingstown creates an environment that sets the show apart. The city’s big business is the for-profit prison and that is the center of the McLusky family balancing act. That sets up a setting for a good crime thriller.  

Jeremy Renner in Mayor of Kingstown

Bravo to The Cast! 

Before Jeremy Renner suits up for the Hawkeye series on Disney+, we get to be reminded of just how talented he is. Renner plays the tough Mike McLusky, who seems to have everything figured out. Where Renner really shines is when everything starts to get out of control. His brother in the show, Mitch McLusky, is played by Kyle Chandler. He plays a great older brother to Renner and the Mayor of Kingstown. Their mother is played by the versatile Dianne Wiest. Her opening scene will let you know she is not meant to be fooled with.  

The Music of Kingstown! 

Shout out to the show’s composer Andrew Lockington. Lockington’s intro theme is catchy. His themes create a great atmosphere for the show. Shout out to Episode 1’s music album that is full of lots of good beats.  

That’s A Good Line! 

“We don’t break the law… We bend it. To bring peace. For everybody.” 

Mayor of Kingstown premieres on Paramount+ November 14.

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