When it comes to 90s movies there are so many great ones to pick from. From The Fith Element to Braveheart you could have a list a mile long on 90s movies that you could watch over and over. Well, there was always one movie that I really enjoyed then and now, and that’s The Rocketeer. Released in 1991 The Rocketeer gave us Cliff Secord a cocky stunt pilot that found a jet pack hidden in a biplane. He would go on and become the high-flying hero The Rocketeer snd not only save the love of his life but also has to save the day as well. Well, thanks to Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant Ltd. we can now relive this amazing movie with their The Rocketeer (Disney Classic) Select Action Figure.

The Rocketeer (Disney Classic) Select Action Figure

First I would like to say thanks to our friends over at Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant for sending me out The Rocketeer (Disney Classic) Select Action Figure to review. This action figure not only looks amazing but comes with a lot of accessories to give you different display options. The Rocketeer retails between $27.99 and $30 can be found at Diamond Select Toys, Entertainment Earth, and at some of your favorite local comic shops. You can check out my review of this figure below.


The Rocketeer Action Figure Review

Pros of The Rocketeer (Disney Classic) Select Action Figure

There are so many good things about The Rocketeer figure. From the paint job to the accessories this figure will not disappoint any collector. Here is what I liked about this figure.

  • First off this figure looks amazing. The paint application does a great job of making every little detail stand out. From the leather look of his top to the fire coming out of the jet, there is nothing bad about the looks of this figure.
  • Gentle Giant Studios also did an amazing sculpt for The Rocketeer. This figure also comes with 16 points of articulation so you can display it in many different poses.
  • This action figure also gives you the option to display it with his helmet on or with it off to show off Cliff when he is not The Rocketeer.
  • If you like accessories then this figure has you covered not only does it come with two different heads, it also has rocket effects, a removable chest, and jet pack, different hands, and even blueprints.
  • You have many display options with this figure. From taking off with fire and smoke underneath him to holding blueprints with no helmet, this figure will keep you busy deciding on how you want to pose it.
  • If you are an in Box collector the wide-open front gives you a great view of the figure and its accessories. Also the box art looks great.


Cons of The Rocketeer (Disney Classic) Select Action Figure

OK, this was hard. There is hardly anything wrong with this figure, but it did have a couple of things that I noticed could be a little better.

  • If you are an in-box collector the box will take up a lot of space. Also if you like to take your figures out and keep the box to put it back in you are out of luck. The bubble is glued on the card and is not resealable if removed from the card.
  • Like most action figures the joints were pretty stiff coming out of the box. Now, this is good for display purposes, but it almost felt like I was going to break it, especially around the knees.

My Final Thoughts

If you can’t tell by this review I love this figure. Not only does it take me back to my childhood days it just is an amazing figure. If you are a fan of The Rocketeer this figure is a must-have. With the amazing details and all accessories, this figure is a good value at $30. Like I said in the review the biggest con is the box it comes in, but with a figure this cool what would you want to leave it in the box? Go get this figure before it flys away forever.

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