Last year, we started the month and a half long marathon of horror content known as THS Fright-A-Thon. Christmas and those holidays get to swallow up the majority of December, November, and part of January. Why not Halloween? September is a month of going back-to-school and residual heat from the summer. Now it’s another month of pumpkins, serial killers, ghosts, ghouls, specters, goblins, and things that go bump in the night.

What should you expect from this marathon of all things horrific and spooky? Reviews, videos, retrospectives, opinion pieces, lists, and more. Every work day, and even some weekend days, you’ll get at least one article detailing something about the fun and spirit of Halloween and horror. You can check out the entire schedule from THS Fright-A-Thon 1 right here.

There’ll be something for everyone’s tastes. don’t like slasher movies? We’ll have monster movies one day, and slashers another. Don’t want something too scary? We’ve got you with THS Fright-A-Thon. Last year, we took up half of September, this year, we take the full month. It’s 60 days to Halloween. Check back to this page for the full 2021 Fright-A-Thon Index!

So grab your favorite horror movies, books, toys, comics, TV series, or whatever you can grab, and join us for this marathon dedicated to Halloween. It’s time to get spooky, folks.

THS Fright-A-Thon 2 Index

September 2nd: Why The World Needs A ‘Nightmare On Elm Street’ Deluxe Blu-Ray Box Set

September 3rd: Give Freaky A Shot This Halloween Season

September 7th: Gateway Horror: Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

September 8th: An Ode To Spirit Halloween

September 9th: Happy Birthday To Jeffrey Combs

September 10th: Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood Review

September 13th: Ranking The Halloween Movies: Sequels To Rob Zombie

September 14th: Could Friday the 13th Or A Nightmare On Elm Street Work As A Streaming Series?

September 15th: The Frights Of Non Horror Video Games

September 16th: An Introduction To Collecting Horror On Blu-Ray/DVD/4K

September 17th: The Ultimate Guide To Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood

September 20th: Reboots, Remakes, And Sequels In Horror Are Necessary

September 21st: The 2021 Halloween Movie Marathon Schedule

September 22nd: Why Fear Street Was A Phenomenon This Summer

September 23rd: A Tribute To Creepshow On Shudder: Horror Comes Home

September 24th: A Love Affair With The Castlevania Series

September 27th: 10 More Killer Heavy Metal Songs For Halloween

September 28th: Peacock Has All The Horror Classics This Halloween

September 29th: Delusion: Reaper’s Remorse Review – Immersion Like No Other

September 30th: Top 5 Movies To Get You Ready For Fall

October 1st: So, About That Friday The 13th TV Series

October 4th: Gateway Horror: Heavy Metal And Horror Movies

October 6th: V/H/S/94 Review: Horror Anthology Returns In Full Force

October 7th: Why Escape The Undertaker On Netflix Is So Awesome

October 8th: Jamie Clayton Will Be An Awesome Pinhead

October 11th: This Is One Of The Greatest Weeks For Horror Ever

October 12th: Chucky Episodes 1-4 Series Review – The Horror TV We All Needed

October 13th: Halloween Kills – Excellence, Brutality Incarnate – Review

October 14th: The 5 Scariest Pokémon Ever

October 15th: Day of the Dead Episode 1 Review – Slow Starter

October 18th: Why That Guy From Variety Is Full Of Sh*t About Halloween

October 19th: What’s The Best Nightmare On Elm Street Movie? Complete Series Ranking

October 21st: Was This The Best Call Of Duty Could Do For Halloween?

October 22nd: Top 5 Best Cameos In Horror

October 25th: Celebrating Tales From The Crypt Presents: Demon Knight

October 26th: Gateway Horror: Horror Movies On Cable

October 27th: The 5 Best Blu-Ray Box Sets Ever

October 28th: What’s Your Favorite Horror Prop To Own?

October 29th: What Does Horror Mean To You?