Ranger Nation! Hasbro is giving us Ninja Power Rangers to join our lightning collection! The first announced rangers are Adam and Billy! These Ninja powers got the rangers through MMPR the Movie and Season 3, now they are here to save your shelf space!

Black Ninja Ranger

This will be Adam Park’s 3rd figure to go with his Metallic MMPR and Zeo Green figures. Still after all these years “I’m a Frog?!” is the best line from the first movie!

Blue Ninja Ranger

Just like Adam, this will be Billy’s third figure to go with his glasses-wearing first season figure and his contact-touting Metallic figure. imbued with the power of the wolf Billy is ready to fight against evil! This will also be Hasbro’s 100th Lightning Figure to date!

Target Exclusives come with a twist!

As our friends over at Toy-Wizards, that’s Toy-Dash-Wizards.com mentioned, Target has a very peculiar ordering system. You should already be aware that if you don’t have sufficient funds at the time of withdrawal, particularly if you’re using a debit card, your order will be canceled. So make sure you use a Credit card or a prepaid card and use it just for Target purchases. Thanks Scott for the Morphenomial suggestion!

We need to also note that these figures due out on Jan 2022, have a price bump going up to $26.49. This is likely to cover the ridiculous price hike of international shipping that has blown up to almost 5x the amount it was previously.

The Ninja Ranger figures have not gone live yet but stick to your communicators and hurry to preorder!


YAY another MMPR CASH GRAB! I get it Hasbro it’s POWER MONTH and MMPR sells! We are still waiting on so many other seasons for figures!

That aside these figures look ok. Using the baggy clothes aesthetic is nice but maybe we could have gotten some texturing? Having all 3 heads is a nice use of plastic considering the ninja rangers didn’t use weapons. The diamond and gold details and the chest coins look fantastic too! My only one concern is the diamonds on the shoulders, I hope they clear the socket so we don’t get paint wearing from rubbing.

I also like the fact that they have the same color swipe effect! Of course, the outfits keep them together but IF the whole team gets the same color effect, not design. It would have a nice flow throughout the team, IMHO.

Are you as excited as we are? Are you going to preorder immediately? Let us know in the comments below!

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