Regina George isn’t just the Queen Bee of North Shore High School but also the Box Office yet again.

Same Old, Same Old

Mean Girls

As per Box Office Mojo, the results of this week’s box office more or less mirrored what we saw last week; which I predicted last week.

Mean Girls held onto the number one spot. the movie was in 35 more theatres than it was last week which helped mitigate its loss. The movie dropped 59% and made $11.7 Million. Thus far, The movie has made $66 Million across domestic and international markets. This must be reassuring to Paramount who shifted the movie from being a Paramount+ release to being a theatrical release.

The Beekeeper maintained its second place at the box office with $8.4 Million. Wonka was again in third with $6.4 Million. Also in a repeat of last week, Anyone But You was fourth with $5.4 Million, and Migration was fifth with $5.3 Million.

The only new release this week was I.S.S. which made $3 million from 2,520 theaters and was in the 7th place spot. It’s a low amount, but the distributor does not tend to market their movies aggressively and even with its theatre count it was in fewer theatres than movies like Wonka or Migration which have been in theatres since the holidays. The movie wasn’t exactly primed for success and the numbers reflect that.

Next Weekend’s Box Office

Miller's Girl

The major release this coming weekend is Miller’s Girl. Despite having recognizable stars, and ones that can draw in an audience (i.e. Jenna Ortega) the movie hasn’t been aggressively marketed. There’s also no tracing available but I’d estimate it to make anywhere from $2-$4 Million next weekend, and that’s assuming you get some walk-ins who enjoy Jenna Ortega or Martin Freeman content. Otherwise, this is likely going to be a far similar box office next weekend.

As always we’ll find out next week!

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