SCUF is one of the leaders in the sphere of gaming accessories. Their controllers rival the best of any product or company out there. Today, they’re introducing the Designed for Xbox SCUF Instinct and Instinct Pro. These two controllers are specifically crafted for the Xbox Series X/S.

SCUF Instinct gives you all the features that you’d expect out of the company. Their patented paddle control system, the classic Xbox stick layout, and more adorn the controller. In addition they offer new adjustable Instant Triggers. You can go between the normal triggers and instant presses at the flick of a switch. They’re similar to a mouse click, so for those with trigger fingers, get ready to fire faster than ever before.

Diego Nunez, SCUF Gaming Chief Marketing Officer had this to say about the controller.

With SCUF Instinct, gamers have a new advantage when playing on Xbox Series X|S. We’ve refined the way we deliver SCUF performance controllers, with a new form-factor that will appeal to an even wider range of gamers and hand sizes. Four Embedded Back Paddles, Instant Triggers, and a new thumbstick design combine to make our most reactive controller to date. Xbox fans are at the core of SCUF’s history, and we’re proud to have created a controller that both pays homage to that legacy and equips gamers for exciting new games on the newest console generation.

More Details On The SCUF Instinct And Instinct Pro

The Instinct and Instinct Pro both come with onboard, programmable, remappable profiles. You can make different profiles and configurations for each of the games you play. If you need a certain button mapping scheme for Call of Duty: Warzone, but you want to play Forza Horizon right after, you can switch between the two seamlessly.

Here’s a full list of features for the controllers:

  • Profile Switch allows you to save three remapping configurations for different games
  • Wireless connectivity to play comfortably from a distance, now with improved dynamic latency input
  • An optional wired connection for lower latency play from your couch with 2m USB Type-C cable
  • Interchangeable domed, concaved, short, and long thumbsticks for the perfect fit
  • Improved thumbstick design and material for more grip and durability
  • Removable faceplate makes it easy to switch designs and thumbsticks
  • New Share button for gamers to show off their best clips with friends
  • Self-lubricating rings help thumbsticks glide smoothly against the faceplate
  • Mute any headset connected to your controller with the press of a button
  • Instant Triggers activate like a mouse click for faster shots (Instinct Pro only)
  • Performance grip with a comfortable, non-slip feel for extended gaming sessions (Instinct Pro only)

The controller is compatible with Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Windows 10 PC, and mobile devices. The SCUF Instinct starts at $169.99 and the Instinct Pro starts at $199.99. Grab either of them on the SCUF website exclusively!

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