If you are a fan of ALIENS then you will want to check out the new blaster heading our way from NERF. Today NERF has revealed their new NERF LMTD line. The NERF LMTD lime will bring us some of the most iconic items from movies and games. So to celebrate the 35th anniversary of ALIENS, NERF has introduced us to the NERF LMTD ALIENS M41-A Blaster. This blaster will retail for $94.99, but there is one catch. You have to pre-order it by October 31, 2021, if you want to get your hands on this blaster. Here are the official details from NERF.



Celebrate the 35th anniversary of the iconic ALIENS film with the NERF LMTD ALIENS M41-A Pulse Blaster, capturing authentic details inspired by the equipment of the film’s Colonial Marine Corps.

  • Captures the look of the iconic M41-A Pulse Blaster, with Power Loader inspired design and dual-blasting action
  • Features an electronic dart counter and movie-accurate blasting sounds
  • Measures over two feet long (28 inches) and comes fully assembled in premium packaging, perfect for display
  • Select from fully-motorized fly-wheel Elite or pump-action Mega dart blasting

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