Hello everyone, your friendly neighborhood Professor Hulk here. I’m about to drop some knowledge on some exciting stuff going on in the film and TV world. Last week we shared with you details of a live-action League Of Legends Netflix series; this week, we’re talking about Jason Todd/Red Hood

We can share that DC has secretly been working on a Red Hood script with the idea of it going straight to HBO Max. They’re currently looking for a director with no cast in place just yet. This follows their plan from last year of making smaller-scale DC films for HBO Max exclusively. So they’ll have the big tentpole films like Aquaman 2, The Batman, The Flash, but then fill out the roster with characters like Blue Beetle.

The Plot Details And Nightwing

The plot will follow a similar setup in Batman: Death In The Family with Jason Todd seemingly dying at the hands of the Joker only to reappear to exact vengeance. The film will take multiple perspectives with that of Jason Todd, Batman, Nightwing, the GCPD, and even The Joker. There’s no word if they’ll bring in existing actors who have played these roles in previous films or if they’ll cast different actors. However, we can confirm that this will connect to Chris McKay’s upcoming Nightwing movie. So it’s safe to assume that whoever is cast as Nightwing in that movie will play him in the Red Hood movie.

A directorial search is underway, and the studio shortlist includes Shaka King (Judas And The Black Messiah), Robert Machoian (God Bless the Child, The Killing of Two Lovers), and Rose Glass (Saint Maud).

No casting has been made yet as Warner Bros is wanting Director approval on any casting they make, but the studio apparently has their eyes set on Tanner Buchanan (Cobra Kai) for the titular Red Hood role.

So, what do you think of a Red Hood movie?

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