What’s an assassin to do when a job goes wrong and she only has one day to live? Spend 24 hours on an epic quest for vengeance, of course.

Check out the trailer for the Netflix movie Kate starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead below.

The trailer – as you might expect – is action-packed, with Kate’s quest for vengeance taking center stage. We’ve already seen Winstead show off her action skills as Huntress in DC’s Birds of Prey, and she continues to kick ass and take names in Kate. (I mean, come on. Can anyone watch Winstead in this trailer without thinking life goals or wife goals? I don’t think so.)

Here’s the official synopsis from Netflix:

Meticulous and preternaturally skilled, Kate is the perfect specimen of a finely tuned assassin at the height of her game. But when she uncharacteristically blows an assignment targeting a member of the yakuza in Tokyo, she quickly discovers she’s been poisoned, a brutally slow execution that gives her less than 24 hours to exact revenge on her killers. As her body swiftly deteriorates, Kate forms an unlikely bond with the teenage daughter of one of her past victims. Kate follows a burned assassin’s furious pursuit of one last self-appointed job.

In addition to Winstead in the title role of Kate, the film stars Woody Harrelson and newcomer Miku Martineau.

Kate makes her debut on Netflix September 10.

So, will you make an appointment to watch Winstead take on the yakuza? Let us know in the comments.

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Source: Netflix