Ah yes hello their Potter, fellow witches, and wizards! If you didn’t get a Owl delivery of more Potter news by now, you’re in for a treat. The partnership between Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment and Thinkwell will be lighting up a brand new event. Within the Harry Potter films, there is one area where students aren’t allowed to go. If you guessed it correctly, you no doubt know it to be the Forbidden Forest… One of the spookiest areas within Hogwarts’ grounds. Hopefully you brushed up on your wand skills by now , because here’s what you can expect.

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Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience will make it’s grand debut at Arley Hall, UK as aspiring students of the Wizarding World will come to visit. Fellow magical creatures of the Potter franchise that witches and wizards will able to recognize. They include Hippogriffs, centaurs, unicorns, and much more. Secrets of the forest from the books and films will be part of experience, as well. You will able see some of the most iconic scenes within the forest from the franchise. Some fun and magical creatures from the Fantastic Beasts franchise will also join in the fun! Be sure to check your pockets if you decide to visit the U.K. later this fall; there might be a a Niffler not stealing your stuff!

Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience

After you tour around the forest, dive into some delicious food and drinks in a seasonally themed village. An on-site shop will be filled with Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts goodies to take home with. The themed park, a new, outdoor, picturesque experience is something for the whole family to enjoy, COVID measures also be in place to make it as safe and secure as possible.

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The whole experience will cost £19 ($26) for tickets, and last a duration of 60-90 minutes (the walking trail takes approximately 45-75 minutes). Staff and signs will guide guests from the car park to the start of the trail. If you want to get ahead of the public for early access tickets and to join the waiting list, visit their site by clicking here.

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