Fans of The Mandalorian are going to be excited, and likely a little upset, when they hear this: Hasbro just revealed three more, carbonized Black Series Star Wars figures, all from the show. According to, “this marks the first complete Carbonized Collection wave dedicated to The Mandalorian since the deco’s debut in 2019.” If you’re not familiar with the collection, these figures are stylized, metallic versions of the standard figures… and also much harder to come by.

Hasbro; Carbonized ; Black Series; THe Mandalorian; Star Wars
Image: Hasbro/Lucasfilm Ltd.

The final wave of this carbonized collection includes Season 1 fan favorite Paz Vizsla. This marks the third iteration of the “Heavy Infantry” Mandalorian, following the original and “Credit Collection” releases. Show runner Jon Favreau voiced the character, creating speculation of a connection between that character and Pre Vizsla, whom he also voiced for Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

New Carbonized Black Series figures round out The Mandalorian collection

BLack Series; Hasbro; Carbonized; Star Wars; The Mandalorian
Image: Hasbro/Lucasfilm Ltd.

Joining Vizlsa is a character we all love to hate, the Scout Trooper. In Season 1 a Scout Trooper now infamously punched Grogu… Before getting utterly throttled by IG-11. Other “Biker Scouts” appeared in Season 2, as well. Perhaps the best of the three, carbonized figures, however, is the Shore Trooper.

Mandalorian Season 2 Background Characters
“I… just wanted some lunch….”) Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.

We only saw Shore Troopers very briefly The Mandalorian Season 2. In the episode “The Believer,” one such trooper provided comic relief as Mayfeld blasted an Imperial Officer in the mess hall on Morak. Bringing the Shore Trooper to the Carbonized Collection is a sure nod to that scene. Plus, Shore Troopers have had a fan-favorite look since their debut in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Carbonized; Shore Trooper;
Image: Hasbro/Lucasfilm Ltd.

Here’s why fans may be a little miffed, however. All three carbonized Black Series figures are once again store-branded exclusives. They will only be available from Target in the Spring of 2022. So if you want to get your hands on one, you better have your browser open and ready the second they go on sale for pre-order. Otherwise, to borrow from another franchise, may the odds be ever in your favor trying to get one of these Hasbro collectibles.