Jeremy Swift

One of the bright, shining spots during the garbage fire of a year that was 2020 was some of the uplifting television we were able to experience together, and then share memes about online. Ted Lasso was one of those shows.

As a nation in lockdown we finally discovered the glory that was Schitt’s Creek; just in time for it to… end.

But with every ending, there comes a new beginning! And for those of us who craved the wholesome feel-good comedy that the Levy family brought us from across the border, a fresh new offering was being served from another country that swears allegiance to the Queen! Starring certified Kansas Boy Jason Sudeikis, Ted Lasso is the ongoing adventures of an American Football coach, brought in to manage a genuine English football club, which we stupidly call “soccer.”

The AppleTV+ series seems as though it was written by God Themself. If you haven’t watched season one, get off of this website, subscribe to AppleTV+ and watch it all – today. And don’t come back until you’ve finished!

Are you back? Excellent! Aren’t you glad you did that? FOOTBALL IS LIFE!

Phil Dunster

The Interviews From Ted Lasso

Anyway, ThatHashtagShow’s very own Ben Kliewer recently sat down with a handful of the series’ stars to talk to them about their characters and what they’re excited about for season two (or series two, as they call it over in Jolly Old).

Check out Old Buddy Ben’s sit-down with Jeremy Swift, who plays the bumbling and lovable Higgins, as well as Phil Dunster who plays grade A heel you love to hate to love, Jamie Tart!

Be sure and check out Ben’s other interviews with series stars Toheeb Jimoh and Cristo Fernandez!

So, what did you think of Ted Lasso season one?

Ted Lasso Season Two premieres July 23rd only on AppleTV+

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