Do you feel that? Christmas is in the air and that means Holiday Movies galore! And this year, Netflix has blessed us with the Christmas Musical Spectacular, “Jingle Jangle, A Christmas Journey.” 

Written by David E. Talbert, and with an all-star cast, Jingle Jangle and the town of Cobbleton is full of wonder and spectacle all on its own. But, once you walk into Jeronicus’ Toy Shop, Jangles and Things, you’ll realize it’s only just the beginning. Jingle Jangle tells the story of Jeronicus Jangle’s (Justin Cornwell & Forest  Whitaker) rise and fall as the best toymaker in all of Cobbleton, and possibly the world! After being betrayed by his apprentice, Gustafson (Miles Barrow & Keegan-Michael Key), and with a little help from his granddaughter, Journey (Madalen Mills – and a few musical numbers along the way – Jeronicus is able to find his love of toy making and bring happiness and wonder to all those who enter his shop.

Jingle Jangle all the way!

The city of Cobbleton and its inhabitants are something out of The Wizard of Oz meets Dickensian – meets the Wizarding World. It features gorgeous costumes, a toy shop to rival The Weasley’s Joke  Shop, and incredible natural hairstyles to boot. Thanks to Production Designer Gavin Bocquet (Stardust), Jingle Jangle visually leaves you wanting nothing more than to have every outfit in your closet.

From the acting to the music, and dancing the film is nothing short of Broadway caliber. Shout out to the choreographers, as well! Deserved praise also goes to the amazing music team. That’s comprised of John Legend (who also produced the film), John Debney, Davy Nathan, and Philip Lawrence. All the claps and snaps to these amazing teams for bringing to life the magic and extravaganza that is Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey. 

The film runs just over two hours, however, do not let the running time scare you away. Jingle Jangle is wildly entertaining, well-paced, and keeps your wanting to see what happens next the whole way through.