It has been a heck of a ride since a little show started on SyFy back in 2016 called Van Helsing. This show opened with little fanfare and in the shadow of Wynonna Earp’s debut. That show went on to become SyFy’s biggest hit so for a while Van Helsing flew under the radar.

Van Helsing, Undercover Mother
Who hasn’t talked smack about their boss?

Not Another Genre Show

What set Van Helsing apart though was the largely episodic nature particularly after the first season. You were never sure how long new or existing characters would last and that kept things interesting. For fans of the Vancouver Film and TV scene you were almost guaranteed to see a few familiar faces over the seasons.

Getting back to the final season though and in ‘Undercover Mother’ we see the final confrontation looming. Jack (Nicole Muñoz) and Ivory (Jennifer Cheon) are playing catch up, trying to find a way through the wall to Washington D.C. They meet the same shopkeeper (Peter Kelamis) we saw last episode and then run into Biggs (Tim Perez). Armed with a way in and wanting to meet up with the rest of the team they enter DC proper.

Ali Liebert as Nina/Vanessa
Van Helsing - Undercover Mother
Vanessa is that a new lip gloss?

You Look Like Someone

Meanwhile Vanessa has her own plans. After her encounter with Axel (Jonathan Scarfe) she infiltrates the White House wearing the face of Nina (Ali Liebert). We then get this cat and mouse game between Dracula (Tricia Helfer) and Vanessa. From the beginning it feels like Dracula senses something off about Nina but she’s distracted by getting her missing power back.

As Jack and Ivory skulk around the city they find that not everyone has missed the change in their president. The protest might have been small but that was likely down to COVID concerns. Jack manages to find a note at the prearranged spot but it is not from Violet and Axel but Vanessa. I can’t help but think the absence of those two is important especially as we know they set out first

Jack and Ivory In DC

They manage to meet up with the Resistance led by a familiar face, Sgt. Weathers (Luvia Petersen). After finding out she was on the wrong side she snuck back into DC and had been leading the fight ever since.

In the White House, Bathory repeatedly comes in to conflict with Nina while vying for Dracula’s affection. It leaves her distracted so when she intercepts the mission to kill Jack and the rebels she gets bitten. 

The Dark One feels the loss of Bathory and Nina/Vanessa takes the time to attack biting the Dark One. Let’s take each of these final episodes one by one as we say goodbye to this gritty vampire apocalypse show.

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