We have a huge follow up for you Ranger Nation! Renegade Games Studios just revealed its newest addition to their insanely popular Heroes of the Grid Table Top game. Now there are four new expansions to customize your Ranger role playing experience. Lets break them down!

Renegade Games adds Dino Thunder Pack

Dino Thunder: With the return of Mesogog, it has become necessary to invoke the power of the Dino Gems! The students of Tommy Oliver have risen to become a new generation of Power Rangers!

Photo courtesy of Renegade Games Studios and Hasbro

Looks like this expansion is going to cover the eight-episode arc vs the Evil White Ranger clone. So if you are wondering where Dr. O is,you can get the Tommy Expansion HERE from Renegade Games. This is a great way to round out the rest of the team and include a very special advisory for your rangers to go up against.

Rangers Allies Pack #2

New heroes join the Power Rangers in the fight against evil just when they are needed most! This expansion introduces a diverse cast of new playable characters. These allies all have their own unique play styles and Zords! If you’re wondering whos in Allies Pack #1, HERE you go!

Photo Courtesy of Renegade Games Studios and Hasbro

THIS right here is probably the set that will put a dent in my wallet. (thanks, Renegade Games!) These are five of the most iconic 6th Rangers in all of the franchise. After the Shattered Grid Expansion, adding Joe in this way just makes sense. The figures look amazing including the Rangers’ memorable personal weapons… Except for Rj, because he is the weapon!

Villain Pack #4: A Dark Turn

Mesogog and Astronema, two of the most devious and powerful enemies the Power Rangers have ever faced, have arrived with destruction in their wake! Before they became terrifying masterminds at the head of their own armies, both of these villains were once close allies of the Power Rangers.

Photo Courtesy of Renegade Games Studios and Hasbro

Renegade Games is hitting all the notes here in this Symphony of Evil! If you are fortunate to have the Rise of the Psycho Rangers Set with the Dino Thunder set listed above then top it off with the Tommy and Allies #2 set you’ll have 2 full seasons of Rangers and Villains! I want to seriously applaud the Renegade Game team for quickly finishing off full teams!

Renegade Games: Rangers United

The Power Rangers have faced many dangerous foes, but with the power of teamwork, they have always triumphed. when they work together, there’s no opponent they cannot overcome! But what happens when the villains combine their powers too?

The delusional Omega Blue Ranger, Kiya, believes that the Power Rangers must be eradicated for the good of the universe. She has an army of Tronics led by similarly corrupted Ranger Avatars of Blaze and Roxy. She has also contracted with two legendary bounty hunters, the practically immortal Darkonda and the cold and calculating Dayne. 

In order to beat this nightmarish threat, Power Rangers from across the Morphin’ Grid must unite once again! Led by enigmatic Ellarien the Solar Ranger, the newest additions include the Beast Morphers Rangers (Devon, Ravi, and Zoey) and the Omega Rangers (Jason, Zack, and Trini), Kiya’s former teammates.

Photo courtesy of Renegade Game Studios and Hasbro

This is the largest set announced in todays Kickstarter! With a story so big that it cover the whole galaxies! Bringing together veteran ranger with the new kids on the grid! Just look at all that stuff! I personally can’t wait to see how they weaved this story’s adventure together!

BUT WAIT… There’s More to come from Renegade Games!

Depending on how much you want to invest from the lowest price of $40 USD you can get your hands on one of these sets. The more you invest the more things you get! From the $80 point and up you get your choice of PROMO items take a look

Photo Courtesy of Renegade Game Studios and Hasbro

You’ll have your choice of one of the promo items at the $80 level and more the high you decide to invest in the project. If you go in for the $185 pledge then you’ll get everything seen above. Just remember you’ll still need the base set for everything above.

But I DON’T have Heroes Of The Grid

If you’re like me and think this is finally see your favorite Ranger, but you don’t have the base set then here is the item for you!

You are gonna get a MEGAZORD sized collection to stat with! This New Ranger pack doesn’t come with the $40 sets I listed above they will have to be purchased separately.

So which set is for you?

You can support Renegade Game Studios newest ranger expansions by clicking HERE. Where you can find out more information about the game too.

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