It is October and of course that means it is time for pop culture fans to head to New York for this years New York Comic Con. Now this year is a little special because we are seeing the return of a lot of major players to the convention floor since the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course one of those major players that everyone is excited about is the return of Funko. This year Funko returned with Halloween style theme titled Frightmare on Fun Street. Well, thanks to our friends at Funko I was granted a early peek at their booth yesterday and I will say Funko fans will be in for a spooky good time.

Funko Founder and SVP of Entertainment Mike Becker and Vice President of Brand and Marketing Dave Bere

Select members of the press yesterday were treated to breakfast and a early look inside Funko’s Frightmare On Fun Street booth setup. Once inside we were greeted by Funko Founder and SVP of Entertainment Mike Becker and Vice President of Brand and Marketing Dave Bere. The Funko team gave us a look at all of the NYCC Funko exclusives and talked about Fright Night. But Mike Becker had a little surprise for us as well.

Each member of the press was given a Funko gift bag with a few of the NYCC exclusives. Also we were given an exclusive meet and great and autograph signing with Cassandra Peterson (Elvira: Mistress of the Dark) and Darryl McDaniels (DMC) from the hip hop group Run DMC.

Overall the press event was amazing. Fans will have a great time with Funko’s return to NYCC. Fans that will be attending tonight’s Fright Night event will also have an amazing time that will be fill with prizes, music, and more. So if you are attending NYCC and got a spot at the booth or at Fright Night I can’t wait to see you there and be real to have a ghoul time.

That Hashtag Show’s Greg Evans with Cassandra Peterson and DMC

Are you heading to NYCC this year? Did you get a slot for this year’s Funko booth? If Not what are you most looking forward to at this year’s convention? That Hashtag Show wants to hear from you.

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Photo: Funko
Photo: Funko