Disney recently released the inaugural season of Launchpad, a series of short films celebrating diverse stories and creators.

Every one of these six films are worth a watch. But if you want the rundown for each, here’s a quick review for each film in the collection:

American Eid

American Eid follows a Muslim family adjusting to their new life in the US. When the youngest daughter finds out she won’t have the day off school to celebrate Eid, she starts a petition at school to have it recognized as a holiday. And in the course of 15 minutes, you’re going to be begging to sign that petition yourself! The family dynamic set up in American Eid works perfectly.

Dinner Is Served

Dinner Is Served brings together the complicated themes of class and race within higher education. It’s a story about finding your place and finding your voice. We’ve all wished we had the confidence to stand up and be unapologetically ourselves before, and it’s impactful to watch someone else go on that journey.

Growing Fangs

Growing Fangs examines the complicated nature of holding multiple (and sometimes, seemingly conflicting) identities at once. The comedy in this supernatural short shines. I was immediately invested in the world set up here, and the end left me wanting more. Disney, if you’re listening, I’d watch a series of this one!

The Last of the Chupacabras

The Last of the Chupacabras takes an unexpected—but not unwelcome—turn into puppetry, making it one of the most visually creative films of the Launchpad collection. You feel instantly bonded and invested in the lead character, Chepa. This film really turns your expectations on their heads in the best way.

Let’s Be Tigers

Let’s Be Tigers examines grief, loss, and the complicated intersection of protecting children from these heavy feelings and explaining them in an open, relatable way. Anyone who’s ever had a child ask them a difficult question can relate to this film; as can anyone who’s ever felt the need to put on a strong face to cover up their pain.

The Little Prince(ss)

Another beautiful film, featuring two children you immediately want to love and protect at all costs. The Little Prince(ss) looks at the gender roles imposed on children and the impact having an open, supportive family and friends can have. The story was incredibly emotional, but also wonderfully hopeful and uplifting.

Overall, all the films in this first Launchpad collection bring wonderful diverse stories to screen. And though many cover difficult topics, it’s a Disney collection – which means each has the kind of ending that makes you hopeful for the future. These films are quick and all well worth the watch.

You can stream the six short films in season 1 of Launchpad on Disney+ now.