We last saw Namor in the MCU in the excellent Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Some rights entanglement with the character means that Namor can’t get his own MCU film, but he can still appear in other team-up films. He was played by Tenoch Huerta in a star-making performance.

In a new interview with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania writer Jeff Loveness, he told Comic Book about the plans for Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. He was asked what he was excited to write about in the upcoming film.

Namor, man. I’m excited to write Namor.

Jeff Loveness to Comic Book

He had more to say about the Avengers films and how he’s writing the fifth film for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Oh man. I think the Avenger movies … I’d almost go more for the comics. I mean, because the movies have been so fantastic, obviously. But I think Avenger comics are really cool because literally every issue opens with that credo of, “And there came a day unlike any other.” And so the impetus of an Avengers movie or story is like, this is a day where we need these guys, and this is a threat that we cannot handle alone. And this is a seismic shift in the world. This is a generational event. And our old generation is gone or retired or scattered. So it compels a new generation to step up.

Superhero movies are kind of the last movies that all of us watch together. And so it gives us this chance to almost have a Frank Capra story, or it’s almost like the chance to write Independence Day or Men in Black or something. You get to have a bit of a simple, cohesive, generational story and I really don’t take that lightly. So, you get to write a mythological story and all that to say, I’m just talking in circles, but I really want to swing for the fences and I really want to tell a story that you can watch with your cousin, you go on a bad date and watch it somewhere. I want it to be a big American epic in the best sense of the word.

This confirms plenty about the upcoming film including that we’ll be getting a new team of Avengers to replace the ones we’ve lost, that have retired, or aren’t active in the MCU right now. Now the real question is how Namor fits into the whole thing.

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