A New Look at an Old Classic

The newest look at Mulan features an action packed punch. The clip takes us behind the scenes of the Disney’s latest live-action venture. The two minute clip does not disappoint with a lack of stunts. Whatever thoughts you had about the Mulan reboot throw them out of the window.

In the featurette we get an exclusive behind the scenes look at the stunts that will be featured in the film. Liu Yifei, who portrays Mulan, states that she trained for 6-7 hours a day for three months to tackle the role of Mulan. The behind the scenes video also shows the specific training that went into the movie for other actors.

Real Mulan Action

The training that went into the new Mulan film is nothing to scoff at. Yosan An, who plays Honghui, says in the video that he has never had a six-pack in his life. The training has given him results and he can start to see some abs coming through. The cast was put through rigorous training for the film that included archery, martial arts, and military training. Disney has put a lot of resources into making sure this film is as authentic as possible.

The featurette concludes with a few shots of some of the action sequences we can look forward to. The visuals in the film already look stunning. The the action sequences are shaping up to be nothing short of amazing. This short clip has given us a little more to be excited about leading up to the release of the film.

The Hero We Deserve


When I first heard the news of the Mulan remake I was thrilled at the opportunity to see a live-action version of the heroine. Initially, after the first trailer I was less optimistic. Coupled with the news that we wouldn’t be getting Mushu I was even more disappointed. Mulan is drawing closer each day. I’m sure we will get a few more TV spots before the release, too.

This new featurette has given me hope that we may be in for quite a treat.

Mulan arrives in theaters March 27th. Tickets for the film go on sale today, February 26, so make sure to grab your tickets soon. You won’t want to miss a minute your chance to see this one.