Well, we already know that a film with a black Superman is on the way from writer Ta-Nehisi Coates. Now, according to a report by THR, Warner Bros. is on the lookout for a black director to go along with the film. As with all things DC, this film would be a separate Universe from the current Snyder-Verse and everything else. Here’s an excerpt of what THR had to say:

The Superman film appears to be moving onto its own track and won’t be part of the universe, as of now. Sources tell THR that Coates is crafting a Kal-El in the vein of the original Superman comics and will have the protagonist hail from Krypton and come to Earth. While the story is currently being crafted and many details could change, one option under consideration is for the film to be a 20th century period piece.


Outside of a couple reports that Michael B. Jordan was wanted for the role, there’s not much to work with here. Even Jordan has refuted those claims.

There’s a precedent for this story however, with Calvin Ellis. The 20th-century based Superman, had a similar origin to Clark Kent’s. Instead of landing in Kansas, he’s adopted by a poor black family. This gives him a different world view than the other Superman stories.

A 20th-century setting is interesting for myriad reasons. You could show how Superman dealt with events like the Civil Rights movement or Vietnam. Joker drew heavily on an 80’s setting with it’s story, so DC could easily go that route again.

Either way, it won’t be easy for producer J.J. Abrams and Co. to get someone to do this project correctly.

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Source: THR