Mass Effect Legendary Edition is all set to release on May 14, 2021. As a gift to fans, EA has decided to promote the release with a host of free goodies.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition key art.
Roses are red, and Earth is blue. The Reapers are here, so sucks to be you.

The list of free goodies Mass Effect is handing out to promote Mass Effect Legendary Edition is pretty big. You can download it all here. At a grand total of 1.7 GB of digital goodies, this will definitely take up a small but significant portion of your hard drive. The list of free goodies include 88 soundtracks taken straight from the Mass Effect games (including a brand new soundtrack called “Resynthesis”, a pair of digital art books in PDF form, a pair of Mass Effect comic books also in PDF form, and even a digital lithograph of the Normandy: your flagship in the games.

And best of all: this entire list of goodies is entirely and completely free. You don’t have to pay for anything. You don’t have to sign up for anything either. Just go to the link, click on the download button, and unzip that file. There, now you have this entire list of free goodies promoting Mass Effect Legendary Edition. For once in their life, EA is being pretty generous here.

Mass Effect: Legendary Goodies Galore!


The list of free goodies promoting Mass Effect Legendary Edition doesn’t end there though. In addition to the goodies I just listed, EA is releasing one more. They’re having a special digital event for fans of the game. You can head over there here. Basically, this event allows you to mix and match characters, scenes, and backgrounds to create your very own Mass Effect key art. You can then use this key art however you wish. Do you want a cool wallpaper for your phone or desktop? Do you want to print it out as a cool poster to hang on your bedroom wall? Or do you want to be artsy and make up something to stare at? Well, you can do all of that and more, also completely for free with no strings attached. Seriously, is this really EA’s doing?


EA are being unusually generous to promote the impending release of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition game on May 14, 2021. With all these free goodies they’re just handing out, it makes you wonder if this is really EA? Still, there is a catch. You can only download the free stuff until May 31, 2021. After that, you can’t download anything anymore. So if you want any of this, you’d better hurry.