What can you say about Invincible’s penultimate episode? The first thing is that we got a few reveals that had been building up in the background. Probably the biggest surprise reveal is that it had been six months or so since Mark’s powers emerged. That alone made me re-evaluate the previous episodes, I feel one criticism is that the show definitely could have marked the passing of time better. It really makes Amber’s reaction after the Mars trip much more understandable.

Invincible Image Still Episode 07
How good is their Home insurance?

So Robot is actually a 30-year-old man with severe physical disabilities and a super-charged brain. All that planning was mostly for a new body and also to appeal more to Monster Girl, that last part is a little creepy though. I’d probably have more sympathy for Rex if he wasn’t so… Rex.

It was great that we had Atom Eve to drive it home to Mark that he could have done so much better with how he treated Amber. Unfortunately, I don’t think Mark will really get much chance to absorb that given the events at the end of the episode.

Invincible Episode 7
Guardians 2.0… For Now

Can we talk about how ridiculously powerful Atom Eve is once again? I guess the proper term would be transmutation but making coffee as well as mugs and seemingly anything she can think.

Nolan Is On A Mission

Invincible always delivers violence and as we see Nolan looking for his son it delivers again. The various fights were of course amazing to watch. It is somewhat impressive to see the amount of work that the government put into trying to deal with Omni Man. The way that Cecil also just accepts that all those things will only stop him for a matter of minutes is kind of terrifying.

Invincible Image Still Episode 07
I’m sure this bunker is not Nolan-Proof

Nolan has this huge secret that he feels MAYBE Mark will understand so I really just kind of want to see that confrontation/explanation. I think we will still have to wait for it next episode though, probably closer to the end than the beginning but we’ll see.

I’ll see you next week for the Finale and *cough* the renewal announcement that should be revealed on the same day HINT HINT.